At this blog, 2Toer (read: tutor), we going to discuss and talk about any basic tutorial of phones and tablets which are available on the net. We gave you a simple and fast explanation how you can works with you phone.

As we already knew, on the package of the devices usually there are some parts that need to be assembled before you can finally able to use the devices. In phone and tablet, usually it comes with the provider sim card that need to be inserted, or if you bought additional storage and the devices has the external memory card slot, you need to insert the storage card and also installed properly before it can be works on your gadget.

Although many of the tablet didn't require you to assemble the battery but still you need to learn how to charge the device properly; on the contrary most of the phones / smartphones are needed to assemble the battery (in which it by default separated from the device, unassemble), therefore before you learn how to charge the phone, you also need to learn how to well-assemble the battery.

And of course, there is also one most important steps you must do before you able to assemble or charge the battery. It is how you can open the cover of the battery in which it's usually placed on the back side of the phone. This is why it's usually called back cover casing.

We also give you a tutorial for special cases such as how you can do Factory Reset or attach a strap to its hole, or some others exclusive tutorials.

For short, if you don't want to waste you time downloading the manual and reading it, or you forget the paper guidebook of your device, this blog should give you a fast alternative tutorial. All you need just internet connection. You can use your mobile phone, your PC, your netbook, laptop, tablet, and else.