Sony Xperia L C2105/ C2104 Do Hard Reset Remove Cover Insert SIM microSD Memory

Sony Xperia XL is a 4.3" Android Jelly Bean powered OS (version 4.1) smartphone that powered with dual-core 1GHz processor along with Adreno 305 GPU and Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon chipset. It has two version depend on the supported frequencty of 3G HSDPA (UMTS): C2104 supports quad-band 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 Mhz HSDPA, and the C2105 supports for dual band 900 / 2100 Mhz 3G HSDPA.

Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Phone Overview
Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Phone Overview

This phone (compare to the recent Android devices by Sony) can be categorized as middle-range (price) Smartphone in the matter of specs and design. The touchscreen is manufactured with TFT capacitive touchscreen only supports for up to 4 fingers touch and it only has 480 x 854 pixels resoluton. The Camera is only equipped with dual cams VGA on the front and 8MP on the rear with 8GB internal memory for 5.8GB user available.

Removing Back Cover of Sony Xperia L C2105/C2104

You need to open and remove the back cover casing of Sony Xperia L before you able to insert the microSD or SIM card. It's because the slots for both SIM and microSD locate inside the back cover of Sony Xperia L.

Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Remove Casing Attach Back Cover
Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Remove and Attach Back Cover

There is a opening start hole in order to open the back cover of Xperia L. If you hold the back side facing upward, the gap-hole locates on the side-right-top of the body of the device. There is small gap in there. Use this gap as starting point.

Insert your fingertip or fingernail (forefinger or thumb) into this gap, then while your other hand hold down the body of the phone, lift the cover up until the cover partly removed (top cover). Continue removing the cover from side-top to side-down (use your fingernail on the side to assist it if you had a trouble lifting it up) until all the cover is fully removed. Done.

To replace cover back to its place, just start from the bottom side of the phone, then make sure the cover aligns properly with the sides-body of the phone, and the press it down from bottom to top side. Make sure there is no gap between the body and the cover. If you hear clicking noises, don't worry, it's the indicator that the cover is perfectly attached on the body of Sony Xperia L.

Inserting SIM Card and micro SD Memory Card on Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105

After you open/remove the cover, just directly below the 8MP rear facing camera, you'll find a slot for both of the microSD memory and SIM card. The SIM card should be inserted from left to right horizontally, and the microSD should be inserted from bottom to up vertically.

Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Inser SIM Install microSD Memory Card
Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Inser SIM Card and microSD Memory Card

For the SIM card, you must facing down the gold colored contact of the SIM card, then make sure the cut-edge is on the outside, then slide it to the slot using your fingertip. You can push it to make sure the SIM is inserted with your back of your fingernail.

For the Memory Card, make sure the gold contact face is facing up, then slide it to the slot until it clicks which means the card if succesfully locked and inserted. To remove the microSD card, you need to push it against the slot to make it unlocks then draw or slide the memory card out from the slot.

Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Remove SIM Card and microSD Memory Card
Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 Remove SIM Card and microSD Memory Card

For removing the SIM card, all you need to do is slide the card out fromt the sim slot with your finger tip.

Master Reset and Restarting the Sony Xperia L

To reboot aka soft reset aka restart the Sony Xperia L, you just need to press and hold the volume up button of the phone at the same time you also press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds. Then the phone would automatically restart. This step is needed in case your phone suddenly hang or stop responding and you can restart it via "touchscreen menu".

Specially for Master Reset/Hard Reset on Sony Xperia L C2105 and C2104, you just need to go to Factory data reset setting: Home Screen ~> Apps ~> Settings ~> Backup and reset ~> Factory data reset ~> Check Erase internal storage ~> Reset phone ~> Erase everything.

Alternatively to do Factory Reset via Hardware: Turn Xperia L off ~> Press and hold Volume up button ~> Press and hold Power button ~> Android system recovery screen appears ~> Scroll with Volume button down to "Wipe data/factory reset" ~> Confirm with Power button ~> Yes ~> Data wipe complete ~> Reboot system now ~> Done.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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