Sony Xperia C C2305 Open Cover, Insert dual SIM, Hard Reset, Install Memory Card

Sony Xperia C comes with 5" display TFT capacitive touchscreen with special GSM dual SIM supports HSPA+ up to 42.2 Mbps. There are some version of this Xperia C including the C2305 series or S39h series. This phone has 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory but can be expanded with microSD/ microSDHC for up to 32GB. There are 8MP camera on the rear, and VGA camera on the front. The rear camera is able to record HD 1080p@30fps video.

Sony Xperia C C2305 Phone Layout
Sony Xperia C C2305 Phone Layout

Sony Xperia C C2305 runs on Android version 4.2.2 of Jelly Bean series Operating system. It's also powered with quad-core 1.2GHz processor with PowerVR SGX544 GPU and MTK MT6589 chipset. The 5-inch display uses qHD resolution screen that make the touchscreen acquires aproximately about 220 ppi pixel density (qHD is 540 x 960 pixels).

Opening Back Cover and Attach it on Sony Xperia C C2305

Opening the back cover of Sony Xperia C C2305 is a little bit tricky. Please read the instruction below carefully, and don't forget to keenly look on the figure-tutorial that we embedded.

Sony Xperia C C2305 Open Cover Attach Casing Back
Sony Xperia C C2305 Open Cover Attach Casing Back

There is a kind of button-lock that you need to know before you able to remove/open the back cover of Sony Xperia C. Front front panel view, this button-lock places on the bottom-right-side of the device (pictured).

With your thumb-nail (you can also use the similar utensil) press the button-lock until you notice that the cover partly removed. Then move to the bottom-left-side where the cover still attached, use your fingernail (thumb) to press down the bottom-left-side cover until the bottom-side of the Sony Xperia C lift up. Then continue to remove all the cover until the cover completely removed.

To attach the cover back to the body of Sony Xperia C, you just need to align the bottom side of the device with the cover (starting from the bottom; rear panel view aka the phone facing downwards) then press down the top side until the cover locks. Sometime you need to press the sides of the cover until it attachs properly with the body of the C2305.

Inserting and Removing dual SIM (microSIM type) Cards on Sony Xperia C C2305

If you opened the cover of Sony Xperia C, you'll find the dual SIM slots just below the 8 Megapixel rear camera. Sony Xperia C uses micro SIM type (GSM), although, it might differs on the other version depend on region and Mobile Network Operator (Carrier). If you use starndar SIM, you might need to adjust the size of the SIM by cutting it. Contact your Carrier for better explanation and understanding.

Sony Xperia C C2305 Insert dual SIM Card Slot Remove
Sony Xperia C C2305 Insert dual SIM Card and Remove it

To insert the SIM 1 and SIM 2, you just need to make sure the cut-edge of both SIM is inside, the gold-contacts of both micro SIM facing downward then slide the SIMs to its slots.

Removing the SIM: just push the SIM from the back side with your finger nail, and whenever you can slide the SIM out, just slide or draw it out. Do the same thing with the other SIM. Done

Inserting and Removing microSD External Memory Card on Sony Xperia C C2305

The microSD Memory card slot on Sony Xperia C locates on the left side of 8MP rear camera. Some others version of this Xperia C might locates on the rights side of the dual SIM slot. It's depend on the design and series of Xperia C.

Sony Xperia C C2305 Insert Remove microSD Memory Card
Sony Xperia C C2305 Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card

To insert the microSD Memory (up to 32GB), just make sure the gold-metal-contacts of the microSD card facing downwards, then align the memory card with its slot, and slide it into the slot until it places properly.

You can remove the memory card just by drawing it out from its slot with your fingertip, but first you must unmount it. Go to Settings ~> Storage ~> Unmount SD card.

Attach Hand Strap on Sony Xperia C C2305

This is just an optional case. Many people don't want to have their phone to be inserted or attached with hand strap but some other love to have it. Here the simple step to attach the hand strap on Xperia C.

Sony Xperia C C2305 Attach Hand Strap hook
Sony Xperia C C2305 Attach Hand Strap

Open the cover, then from the rear panel view, on the bottom-left-side of the Xperia C body, you can attach the strap into its hook (pictured above), and make sure you already inserted the strap on the both holes on the cover and the body of Xperia C. Then close the cover. Done

Factory / Hard Reset on Sony XPeria C C2305

Go to Settings ~> Backup & reset ~> Factory data reset ~> mark Erase SD card checkbox ~> Reset phone ~> Erase everything. That's how you can perform Factory Reset aka Hard Reset.

Remember to backup any data on your Xperia C before Resetting your device.


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