Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/ GT-I9200 Master Reset Remove Cover Insert microSIM Memory Card Install Battery

Samsung Galaxy Mega comes with 6.3-inch display screen. It seems this large display is the reason why it called as "Mega". By this 6.3" it also means that this smartphone is closer to the tablet size. We can called as tablet-smartphone. In US, the Galaxy Mega available (at this time) with AT&T Carrier, named as SGH-I527. On the Global market, this phone known as GT-I9205 / GT-I9200. The display uses SC-LCD (Super Clear LCD) capacitive touchscreen with HD 720 x 1280 pixels resolution with 16M colors.

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Phone Overview
Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Phone Overview

Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 has two differents version on the matter of internal memory: 8GB and 16GB. It has external slot for up to 64GB. The Galaxy Mega runs on Android OS, version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version and runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Chipset with dual-core 1.7GHz Krai processor and Adreno 305 GPU. It has 1.5GB RAM.

Open and Attach Back Cover on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-9200

How you could remove the back cover of Samsung Galaxy Mega therefore you can insert the microSIM of your favorite Mobile Provider and your microSD memory card? Here is the way to do it.

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Open Attach Casing Remove Back Cover
Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Open Attach Cover

Make sure the rear cover of the Galaxy Mega facing upward, hold the body of the phone with your left hand, and then from the left-side-top of the body of the phone, there is a gap that has a function as starting grip to open the cover. Insert your fingernail (thumb or forefinger) into this gap, and the lift it up until you hear click sound and the top side of the cover (where the 8Megapixels rear camera and its LED Flash located) is half removed. Then just continue until all the cover detach and you can freely remove the cover completely.

After removing the cover, you'll clearly see 3 important things: SIM slot, Memory Slot and Battery compartment.

If you've done on whatever you need to do after removing the cover (insert microSIM, insert Memory, Assemble Battery, etc), then you must attach the cover back: Just align the cover with the body of Galaxy Mega, make sure the hole for LED and Camera are at the same location, then press the sides down until the cover attached to the body. The clicking sound would make sure that the cover is completely attached. See if there is a gap still in there between the cover and body. If you see one of the gap, make sure you press the side once more until the the gap is gone.

Inserting and Removing microSIM Card on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200

If you want to insert the microSIM card to Galaxy Mega, and this is the first time you try it or you just got your Galaxy Mega out from its brand new package box, this should be easy on inserting the SIM. Especially that you don't need to remove the battery from its compartment. But if there is a battery in there, it's better that you remove the battery first before you try to insert the microSIM card into its slot. So do when you try to install the microSD Memory Card.

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert and Remove microSIM Card
Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert and Remove microSIM Card

The SIM slot locates on the left side of the rear 8MP camera and LED Flash (Pictured). Make sure the SIM gold-contacts facing downwards, make sure the cut-corner of the SIM on facing up with the "door" of the slot, then align the microSIM with the slot, and slide it until it reaches the end of the slot. You can push with your fingernail.

To Remove the micro SIM or SIM Card/USIM. Make sure that the battery had already been removed, then as you can see on the picture above (no 1), insert your fingertip or fingernail into back of the slot, then push the SIM to make the card out. Then You can pull out or draw the SIM out from the slot.

Inserting and Removing microSD Card on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200

The location of  microSD Memory Slot is directly above the SIM card slot, but you don't have to remove the battery in case you wanna remove or inserting the microSD Memory. Of course, you only see this slow whenever you had opened the back cover casing of Samsung Galaxy Mega.

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert Install Remove microSD Memory Card
Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card

With gold-contacts facing downwards, and the microSIM aligned properly with the slot, push the card to the slot until the card reach the end of the slot and release it. It might be a little kind of "slide-back" the card but this would hold by the lock on the slot. So don't worry about this.

To remove the microSD Card, you must first unmount the microSD via settings menu. Apps ~> Settings ~> More ~> Storage ~> Unmount SD card. This "Unmount" action is absolutely needed to ovoid any damaged data when your removing it from its slot.

When you done on unmounting the microSD card, push the card against the slot to unlock the card, then the card would jumps out (pops out) a little. This means the card is unlocked. Draw or pull the card out from its slot with your fingertip. Done.

Assembling and Removing the Battery on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200

Here the simple and easy step on how you can assemble the battery to its compartment on Samsung Galaxy Mega. Just follow the picture-tutorial that we gave you below, and you'll easily figure out what you need to do to insert the battery on GT-I9205/GT-I9200.

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert Assemble Remove Battery
Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200 Insert and Remove Battery

With the SAMSUNG Logo facing upwards, and the connector on the battery aligns properly with the metal-connector of the compartment, then slide the battery until the both-connector contact each other, then press the battery down to its compartment. Finish.

To remove the battery. On the bottom (ass) of the battery, there is a gap that you can insert your fingertip in. Use this gap to get a grip on the battery, then pull the battery up. Whenever the battery detaches, you can fully bring the battery out from its compartment.

Remember before removing the battery, you must had powered the Galaxy Mega off. In other way, removing the battery would make the device force to turn off. Although this didn't recommend to get in this way (removing battery without power off the Galaxy Meda), this step is very useful if the device got hang or stop responding and you don't know how to reboot or restart.

Do Master/Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9205/GT-I9200

Pressing and Holding the Power button for about 8 seconds would give you the soft reset / reboot/ restart on Galaxy Mega. You can also do by removing then assembling the battery of the device. This reboot is usually necessary whenever your phone hang or unresponsive.

But if the phone stop responding to often or freezing or has many fatal errors, please do Factory Reset or usually know as Master/Hard Reset by going to: Settings ~> Accounts ~> Backup and reset ~> Factory data reset ~> Reset device ~> Erase everything.

If you need necessary Hard Reset because you forgot the password of google, the screen lock, etc, please go to Samsung Service Center to ask for their help.

Source: Samsung.Com

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