Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Hard Reset Open Cover Insert SIM Assemble Battery

Samsung Omnia 7 is a Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone device with 4.0 inches diagonally display touchscreen. It released on October 2010 (2.5 years ago) specially design (global version) for GSM data network technology. It supports HSDPA up to 7.2Mbs and also HSUPA 5.76 Mbps with GPRS and EDGE supports either. The screen with 4-inch size has 16M colors and 480 x 800 pixels resolution. That's why this Omnia 7 GT-I8700 (Also known as Samsung I8700) screen get the 233 ppi pixel density.

Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Smartphone Windows 7 WP7
Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Smartphone Windows 7 Overview

The WP 7 OS works along with 1GHz Scorpion processor with Adreno 200 GPU and Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon chipset. For the internal memory, the device has two options: 8GB and 16GB. Both version is available without external memory slot support. For the camera, it's attached 5MP rear facing camera with LED Flash and geo-tagging ability. For the Video Record is able to record up to 720p@25fps. There is no front facing camera though.

Remove and Attach Back Cover/Casing of Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700

Removing the back cover of Samsung Omnia 7, actually,n not a big deal. As you can see on the figure below, the circled picture number 1 is the key. Use you fingernail or fingertip to "slide" the cover-lock downward, then the cover would be unlocked: there should be a kind of new gap appears between the rear cover and the body of Omnia 7. Insert your fingernail into this gap, then pull it out the cover until the cover fully opened.

Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Remove Cover Attach Back Casing
Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700: Remove Cover Attach Back Casing

To attach the rear cover back to the body of GT-I8700, you need to align the cover with the upper side on the battery compartment, the slide the cover, and press it down until the cover is perfectly locked and attached. The right picture on the image above would help you to understand what we mean for.

Installing/Inserting the SIM/USIM card on Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700

The Omnia 7 uses standard SIM / USIM for its SIM card Carrier type. Therefore, you must not any other type of SIM such as nano-SIM or micro-SIM. That wouldn't work on this smartphone. The SIM card slot locates on the left-top side of the battery compartment (or on the south-west of the 5MP rear camera; pictured below).

Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Insert Remove SIM Card Slot
Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Insert and Remove SIM Card

With gold colored contact facing downwards, with the cut-edge of the sim on the outside, align the SIM to the slot, and slide it into the slot until it well-placed on the slot.

On Removing the SIM, just slide the sim out with your fingertip. There is a part of the SIM that in the outside of the compartment, use the tip of your finger (forfinger or middle finger) on the back of the SIM, the draw it out.

Assembling the Battery on Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700

The battery uses for this Omnia 7 is Li-ion type with 1500 mAh capacity. The battery isn't assembled yet, you need to assemble the battery manually after you get your Omnia 7 packages. Along with the battery the GT-I8700 has 138.2 grams weight (aka 4.87 ounces).

Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Assemble Compartment Charge Battery
Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700 Assemble and Charge Battery

Aling the battery's metal contact with metal-connector provided on the top-right wall of the compartment, and with SAMSUNG logo facing up, slide and the push it down until it perfectly assembled.

To charge the battery, just use the USB cable with microUSB end connected to the phone, and the other end with the Power Adapter, then plug the Power Adapter to the Electricity Outlet.

Do Factory / Hard Reset on Samsung Omnia 7 GT-I8700

Holding down the Power button for about 9-11 seconds would help you to reboot / force restart the Samsung Omnia 7. This step necessary to be done if your Windows Phone 7 GT-I8700 phone had fatal error or freezes or hangs. But if this problem occasionally happen, you might try to solve it with Factory / Hard Reset

Go to Settings ~> About ~> reset your phone ~> yes ~> yes.

That's how you can do Hard Reset / Factory data Reset on Omnia 7.

Source: Samsung.Com

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