Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500 Hard Reset, Open Cover, Install SIM Memory Card (Corby/ Galaxy 5/ Galaxy 550)

In Europe, you might only knew this phone called as Samsung Galaxy Europa, but it's actually has at least another 3 names just for this GT-I5500. You might found it as Samsung Corby , Samsung Galaxy 5 or just Samsung Galaxy 550. Those names all refer to the same device: The 2.8-inch small touch-bar Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500.

Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500 Mobile Phone
Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500 Mobile Phone

Even though the Europa was released almost 4 years ago, at June 2010, We thought that there is nothing wrong on giving you a tutorial and guidance for its basic introductions. The phone powered with Eclair Android v2.1 (it supposed to be you already upgraded to Froyo Android version 2.2 at this time) and has 5 Megapixel rear camera. The processor uses speed clock at 600 MHz with 170MB internal memory (both for storage and "virtual RAM). Of course this must not be enough. That's why the 1GB microSD for external memory is included (you can replace with higher capacity up to 16GB)

Open and Attach Rear Casing/ Cover of Samsung Galaxy Europa

Why you need to open the back cover of Samsung Galaxy Europa? The answers could be varied: From you wanna change the cover with other cover (different style or color), you are a technician that want to fix the hardware of the phone, or you just wanna insert the SIM, install microSD memory or assemble the battery.

From the rear view, you can open/remove the back cover by detach the bottom side of the cover from the body of the Galaxy GT-I5500. The bottom side that we means is the side where the speaker locate. Just insert your tip of finger onto the tiny opening gap available on this side, grip and the lift the cover up while your other hand hold the other-part body of the phone. Please be gently. Whenever the cover detached, continue to detach the other sides (left, right, and top) until you can fully opened the cover.

Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500 Open Rear Cover Attach  Back Case
Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500: Open Rear Cover Attach  Back Case

And if you had done on doing the after-job of opened-cover, don't ever forget to attach back the cover. Align the cover with the body of Galaxy Europa, then press it down until all the sides of the cover attached to the body without leaving any unusual gap except on the bottom side. Done

Insert Standard SIM Card and Assemble Battery on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

After you opened the cover, you'll see the battery compartment, and also the SIM card slot on the basement of battery compartment (upper side below rear camera). Grab your SIM card of your favorite mobile carrier, place the SIM card gold-colored contact face down, align the SIM to the "mouth" of the slot with cut-corner-edges on the outside, then push and slide the phone onto the slot until it locked.

Insert SIM Card Slot Assemble Battery Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500
Insert SIM Card and Assemble Battery on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

After you inserted the SIM (use Standard USIM/SIM or mini-SIM, depend on carrier and region), now you can assemble the battery. Align the silver-metal-connector of the battery with the one available on the top side-hill of the compartment, facing upwards the SAMSUNG logo, then slide and press down the battery to the compartment.

Inserting and Removing the microSD External Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

The memory slot location on the Galaxy Europa locates on the left-side of the body. You must open the back cover casing to see it and of course to be able to insert the microSD card. For the better, see the image below.

Insert Memory Card Remove microSD Slot Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500
Insert Memory Card Remove microSD on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

With gold-contact facing down and the card position is placed just like the figure above, push the memory card to its slot until it locks. You can make sure the memory locked whenever it's not "jump" out from the slot.

To remove the microSD from its slot, just push the card against the slot therefore it will unlock the card, then whenever the card eject, just draw it out / pull it out from its slot. For safety guideline, please go to Settings > SD Card and phone storage > Unmount SD card > OK before you removing the memory card.

Charge the Phone and Attach Hand Strap on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

Face the Galaxy Europa upwards then on the left side there is a small cover that you can detached with your fingernail. Detach the cover, and then you can see the multifunction jack in there. Use the USB cable with the adapter included on the package to charge the phone. The microUSB please connect it to the jack on the phone, the other end to the Adapter, then Plug the Adapter to the Power outlet. You can also directly charge the phone via USB to PC. The battery has 1200mAh capacity uses Li-ion type. Claimed on having talk time for 9.5 hours.

USB Charge Battery Attach Hand Strap on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500
USB Charge and Attach Hand Strap on Samsung Galaxy Europa GT-I5500

The hand strap hook locate on the right side of the rear camera. But to be able to attach the hand strap you need to remove the rear cover first. Then Slide the hand strap to the slot, hook it over the small projection, then make sure it perfectly attached and locked. Close back the rear cover. Try to pull it before you use it. If it's not loosen up, that is good.

Do Hard Reset / Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy 5 / Galaxy Europa

Simply go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Alternatively: Device turned off > Press Volume Down and Volume Up > Press Power button > exclamation marks shown > Press Home key > Done.

If its still can't be done, and you forgot your password, PIN or lock key, go to Samsung Service Center near your town to ask for help.

Source: Samsung.Com

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