Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 Factory Reset Open Cover, Install Battery, Insert SIM, Remove Memory

Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 is an Android smartphone with 3.7-inch touchscreen display and uses touch-bar form factor design. The W letter on Galaxy W refer to the word, Wonder. That's why this phone also known as Samsung Galaxy Wonder. The display uses TFT capacitive at 480 x 800 pixels resolution. This phone has 114.7 grams weight or about 4.02 ounces.

Samsung Galaxy W Wonder GT-I8150 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150 Smartphone

The Android OS uses on Galaxy W is Gingerbread version 2.3.5. There is no current official upgrade for this phone. As for the Processor /CPU, the Wonder is attached with 1.4GHz Scorpion and accompanied by Adreno 205 GPU and Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon chipset. There is 5Megapixel main-rear camera and also has VGA front camera. It has 1.7GH internal storage with 2GB ROM and 512MB RAM.

Open Back Cover Attach Casing on Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150

Why should I care about the job on removing the rear cover of Galaxy Wonder? Why shouldn't I just grab my phone and then turn it on without any other job should be taken? Why? Why? | If you this kind of person, You better choose another phone instead of Samsung Galaxy W. The non-removable battery type with bundled Mobile carrier (contract) would be suited for you, might be.

Samsung Galaxy W Wonder GT-I8150 Remove Back Cover Attach Case
Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150 Remove Back Cover Attach Case

You need to open the rear cover of GT-I8150 because that the gate for you to be able to insert the SIM card, assemble battery and also install the memory card (external microSD up to 32GB).

Insert your fingernail or tip of your finger into the bottom side of rear cover (rear panel view; shown on the image above), then grip and lift it up until the cover detach from phone's body. Then continue removing the sides cover until you fully able to detach the cover and draw it out downwards.

To attach the cover back, just align the upper side of the cover with the rear-up side of the phone, slide it (number 1), then press the sides down until it clicks and locks. Done

Inserting the SIM card and Assembling the Battery on Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150

Use Standard SIM or Universal SIM (USIM) for the type of the SIM of Galaxy W. The SIM slot on the phone (after the cover has been removed) is available on the left-top side of battery compartment under the rear 5MP camera (see picture below).

Samsung Galaxy W Wonder GT-I8150 Install SIM Card Assemble Battery
Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150 Install SIM Card Assemble Battery

Make the gold-contacts of the SIM facing downwards and the cut-corner of the SIM in face to face with the slot (inside), then slide and push until the SIM card reach the end of the slot.

Align the metal-connector on the battery with gold-connector of the compartment, then slide it and press it down till the battery is fully placed on its compartment. Remember that the SAMSUNG logo must facing up. The battery uses Li-ion type with 1500mAh capacity. It's claimed up to 8 hours on 3G networks usage (talk time).

Installing and Removing microSD external memory on Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150

On the right side of rear camera, there is a slot that you could easily see. That't the slot for microSD memory. Of course you need to remove the cover to see it because it covered with the rear casing. To insert the microSD, just follow the guidance picture and tutorial explanation below.

Samsung Galaxy W Wonder GT-I8150 Insert Slot Memory Remove microSD Card
Samsung Galaxy W (Wonder) GT-I8150 Insert Memory Remove microSD Card

Align the memory with gold-contact facing down, then slide the card to the slot and push it with your fingernail or something you can usually push small card. Make sure the card inserted to the end of the slot then release it. It shouldn't be pop out because the memory has been locked. But in case it eject, just push it once more time.

To remove the card, push the card to make it unlocked, then you should notice that the microSD memory card ejects from the slot, draw the card out with your fingertip. Remember to unmount it first via Applications ~~> Settings ~~> Storage ~~> Unmount SD card ~~> OK.

Do Factory / Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy W Wonder GT-I8150

You had device hang/ stop responding problem? Here the two solution that you could try:

Rebooting or Force to reset: Press and hold the Power button for about 16 seconds, the whenever it reboot, release the button. That's it, simple, isn't it?

Resetting the phone aka do Hard Reset: Go to Applications ~~> Settings ~~> Factory data reset ~~> Reset phone ~~> Erase everything.

Remember that Factory Reset will make you lost all your personal data and settings. This action should be done only in critical condition in which the phone couldn't find the solution of frozen screen problem or hang problem (too many time occurred)

Source: Samsung.Com

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