Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530 Open Cover Factory Reset Insert SIM Card Install Memory

Why this Samsung Galaxy GT I8530 called as Galaxy Beam? The answer for this question is the features on the device that has an ability to be used as nHD projector. It's like you beam video, presentation, or image to the screen just like the way you use the physical conventional projector. The smartphone-projector can be used to categories this Samsung Galaxy Beam, and indeed, this is the first device that has this unique capability.

Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530 Snapshot
Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530 Snapshot

Samsung Galaxy Beam runs on Android Gingerbread version 2.3.6 and powered by 2000 mAh Li-ion battery on dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 CPU. It uses 768MB RAM along with NovaThor U8500 chipset and Mali-400 GPU. You can use the device just like you own your personal mobile phone: calling, SMS, and even data network connectivity such as Wi-Fi and 3G HSDPA. The phone is touchbar form factor design with 4.0-inch TFT capacitive display. It support for 32GB external microSD card for expandable storage if you still not enough the 8GB internal memory installed on the phone.

Open Back Cover Attach Case on Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530

Of course as a Smartphone device that not merely designed as Projector, this phone need to work along with Mobile Provider carrier. Therefore SIM or USIM is needed. For your information, in case the 2000mAh battery had already been assembled, there is no need a reason that would make you need to open the back cover casing of the phone. The only reason to open the cover is on removing or installing the battery. This because the SIM and Memory Card slot locate on the outside of the battery compartment and back cover case. They are place on the side panel of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I853 Open Cover Attach Casing Remove Back
Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I853 Open Cover Attach Back Casing

Usually, if your phone is brand new package device, the battery isn't yet assembled. That's why you need to manually assemble the battery.

Assemble Battery & Install SIM Card on Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530

From the rear panel, take a good look on the left side of the phone, find the opening gap on this side. Then insert your fingernail into this gap, grip it, while holding the body of the phone with your other hand, lift the cover up until the cover casing partly removed. Continue on removing the cover specially from its sides that didn't yet opened with your fingernail until the cover finally removed completely.

Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530 Assemble Battery Install SIM Slot Card
Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530 Assemble Battery Install SIM Card

Then you can take your battery from the package, align the metal-connector available on battery compartment with gold-metal on the side of the battery while the SAMSUNG logo face on the battery is facing up, then slide and push the battery fit to the compartment. Grab your cover to attach it back to the body of the phone. Align the cover with camera and side-edges of the body, press the edges of the cover until it perfectly attach with the body in all its sides. Done

From the front panel view, on the left side of the phone, there is a kind of cover that you can open. Insert your fingertip of your index finger to the tiny gap on the cover, then detach it.

With gold-metal contacts facing downwards and the cut-edge align with the slot, insert and push the SIM card to the slot until it fully inserted. Use your fingernail to do that. Remember for Galaxy Beam, the SIM card type uses standard type. Do not insert microSIM or nanoSIM to the slot! Close cover back if you had done inserting the SIM to its slot.

Install microSD Memory Card on Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530

The same way also applied on the steps you must do to insert the microSD memory card. The slot for memory card available on the right side of the Galaxy Beam (front panel view; opposite site of SIM slot). Align the card in front of the door of the memory slot, make sure the gold-contacts is facing down, then push the card with your fingertip or fingernail until it locks on it place. If the phone still jump out a little that means the memory card wasn't perfectly locked. Push it once again until it reach the end of the slot to make it locks.

Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I853 Insert Memory Card Remove microSD Slot
Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I853 Insert Memory Card Remove microSD

Removing the memory card need to be done if you already unmount it from the storage settings: Applications > Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card > OK. This step need to be done to avoid any damage to your external memory card or unnecessary file error. After that, open the cover of the slot, push the card with your fingernail and the release. It would make the card ejects or pop out. Then draw the card out until it fully removed. Close back the cover. Done

Perform Master Reset /Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Beam GT I8530

If you forgot your screen lock code or password of Samsung Galaxy Beam, in which you aren't able to access your device, this steps on performing Hard Reset / Factory Reset wouldn't suit for you. If you need to resolve those kind of problem, please go to Samsung Service Center. This master reset that we gonna give you a tutorial is for problem solver of stop responding phone or the Beam that usually unresponsive and frozen the touchscreen.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Remember to backup all your data before you do that. In case it's just reboot or force restart need, just press and hold Power button for about 10 seconds, then the Galaxy Beam GT I8530 would automatically reboot.

Source: Samsung.Com

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