Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300 Hard Reset Insert SIM Battery Open Casing Remove Memory Card

I guess there is no need on explanation why this Android phone by Samsung called as Galaxy Pocket. In your mind, I bet it will automatically pictured the phone in your pocket. Yep, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300 is a pocketable phone with small 2.8" TFT capacitive touchscreen display. Because this tiny device, in the other word, this phone isn't a device for anyone who had a big thumbs or the likes (means adult). It's difficult on typing via on screen keyboard on the 2.8-inch diplay using qwerty type, but alternatively still typable via alphanumeric onscreen keypad.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300
Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

The phone that is installed with Gingerbread Android 2.3 OS is runs on 832MHz ARM 11 CPU with 3GB internal memory, there isn't any dedicated RAM nor GPU. With the removable battery 1200 Li-ion type, the Pocket only has 97 grams weight aka (3.42 ounces). There is an external expandable memory card slot up to 32GB. The camera only uses rear camera with 2 Megapixel resolution.

Open Back Cover Casing of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

From rear panel you can remove the back cover casing of Galaxy Pocket from bottom-middle side of the phone's body. There is a gap that you can use as the opening door of the cover. Insert your fingertip on the gap on the bottom side of the GT S5300, then press and lift the cover up until the cover partly opened. Then continue removing the right and left sides of the phone that still attached with the body till its detach and finally all the cover casing can be removed from devices body. While you opening the cover, you will hear a creak sound indicating the detachment of the cover from the phone's body.

Open Back Cover Attach Casing Remove Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300
Open Back Cover Attach Casing of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

Need to know on inserting the SIM or USIM of your mobile carrier on Galaxy Pocket? The sim card slot on this phone located on the top-basement of battery compartment. You wouldn't able to see the slot if the battery had assembled on the phone. That's why you need to remove it. But if your Galaxy Pocket is fresh from the package, the battery isn't yet assemble.

Assemble Battery and Insert SIM Card of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

With the cutout on the outside position, the gold-contacts of the SIM facing downward, slide the phone to the card slot, then continue using your back of fingernail to push the Card until it locks on the slot (aka reach the end of the slot). That's how you can insert the SIM card to its slot on Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Insert SIM Card Assemble Battery Slot Compartment Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300
Insert SIM Card Assemble Battery of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

Now you can assemble the battery after you installed the SIM card. With SAMSUNG logo written on the body of the battery is facing upward, align the metal-connector of battery and compartment properly then slide and push the battery down to make it well-installed on the compartment.

Install microSD Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

Because you might not enough on having only 4GB storage, you might had plan on expanded the memory storage with the microSD card. The memory card slot provides on the left side of the phone from rear panel view. You can clearly see after you removed the cover first. Align the microSD with gold-colored area facing down, then push the card until it clicks (which means it locks in slot place).To remove the microSD card, push the card againt the slot to unlocked and eject, then draw the card out until the card removed. Remember to unmount SD Card before removing it.

Insert Memory Card Attach Hand Strap  Remove Install Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300
Insert Memory Card Attach Hand Strap of Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

Finally, you can attach the cover back by align the edge of the body with the cover, make sure the camera align with the camera hold on the casing the press the cover down the sides of the cover until all the sides attached properly. It should clicks to make sure the cover well-attached.

PS: we also included a picture of tutorial on how you can attach a hand strap on Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Do Hard Reset/ Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT S5300

In case you wanna reset your phone back to original factory settings because of your miss the way your phone works and responds at best condition (in this time your had already experienced that your Galaxy Pocket frequently frozen, had fatal errors, stop responding, or hang), here the steps that you must do:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

You can also try to handle these issue without loosing your personal data and document (Performing Factory Reset will erase all you videos, photos, files, contacts, etc), you can try to do Soft Reset / Force to Resetart or Rebooting the device: Press the Power button and hold it for about 11 seconds.

Source: Samsung.Com

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