HTC One Insert micro SIM card, do Factory Reset

Personally, I bet you mustn't doubt the design applied on HTC One: It's just beautiful in its style. Take a look for a while if you don't believe what I said on the figure below. With 4.7 inches display Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2, the phone come in best of the best of smartphone by HTC. The display also uses XHD resolution at 1080 x 1920 pixels that make the touchscreen acquired 469 ppi pixel density.


The phone only available with internal storage memory without additional external card slot, that why we don't give you the tutorial on how you can insert the microSD card on HTC One. Having 143 grams / 5.04 ounces weight, the phone is weighed with non-removable 2300 mAh Li-Polimer battery. This's why we don't give you the tutorial on assemble the battery.

It has 2GB RAM with quad-core 1.7GHz Krait 300 processor. One feature that you shouldn't miss to experienced is the nano pixel size with 1/3" sensor size of 4Megapixel camera. It've been said, resolution doesn't matter on getting best experience of phone's photography. Try it!


Eject / Remove SIM card tray, and Inserting micro SIM Card to its slot on HTC One

You don't know what you should do after getting your HTC One from phone shop and also having the micro SIM of your carrier? Here the answer: find the location of card tray slot on HTC One, eject the tray, and then insert your micro SIM. The details can be read on the explanation below.

HTC One Eject SIM card tray Insert microSIM slot Power Volume button
HTC One: Eject SIM card tray, Insert microSIM to its slot; Power and Volume button

The location of SIM card tray slot is on the left side of phone's body of HTC One (front panel upward, facing up). For precisely, it left-side top of the phone. On the above of the slot tray, there is a tiny hole in there. This hole is an eject-hole. That's the hole that start everything on inserting the micro SIM on HTC One.

Insert the eject tool (included; alternatively uses paperclip or similar tools) to the hole, then push the tip of paperclip until the SIM card tray pop out, then you can draw the tray out from the slot. Place the microSIM with gold-colored contact facing downwards and the cut-edge is perfectly fit with the tray, then insert the tray (with the microSIM inside it) to the slot, push it until it locks to it place. Done

Wanna change your microSIM or phone number in which you must remove the inserted microSIM? Just do the same step as above. Eject the tray with paperclip, pull out the tray, remove the SIM, place the new SIM to the tray and insert the tray back to its slot. That's all.

DO Factory Reset / Hard Reset on HTC One

It's simple, if you have an access to the phone's settings, just go to Slide Notification panel > Tap Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone > Erase all data > tap OK.

Otherwise, if you forgot your pattern lock and google password, use the hardware combination way:

Press and Hold Volume Down, then Power button > 3 android shown on the screen, release both Volume down and Power key > Choose FACTORY RESET using Volume Down > Confirm on doing hard rest by pressing Power button > Done

Source: HTC.Com

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