LG Escape P870 Hard Reset Insert SIM Install Memory Card Open Rear Cover

LG Escape P870 is an touch bar Android smartphone with 4.3-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display specially designed for AT&T mobile carrier. On the month this phone released to the market (most of them in US), this Escape still runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with version 4.0.4. But we aren't sure whether the Update to Jelly Bean OS is available or not. Along with AT&T carrier, the P870 uses GSM data network technology supports for 4G LTE 700Mhaz Class 17.

Knowing that the internal memory is only embedded with 4GB and the camera only uses 5Megapixel resolutions, it seems this device intentionally for middle-class market (not so high on term of the price). The processor uses dual-core 1.2GHz with 1GB RAM, and the Qualcomm MSM8960L Snapdragon & Adreno 225 are chosen as the Chipset and CPU installed on the LG Escape. This phone with 128 grams weight has removable Li-ion battery type with 2150 mAh capacity.

Slot Location and Open Back Cover Case of LG Escape P870

You can start on opening the rear casing of LG Escape from the bottom side of the device. Use your fingertip on this bottom-opening gap (cutout; inserting your fingertip in this location) the press, and lift the bottom part of the cover up until it's partly removed. Continue to lift the sides of remaining cover with your fingernail or tip of your finger until the casing completely removed.

microSD Memory SIM Card Slot Location Open Cover Case LG Escape P870
microSD Memory Slot and SIM Slot Location Open Cover Case of LG Escape P870

For the locations of the SIM card slot and microSD memory card slot, you can easily find after you finished on opening the back cover case of LG Escape. Under (right side) the 5MP rear camera is the slot for SI, nad on for the microSD slot (maximum 32GB) in on the left side. See the image above for sure: including the battery and its compartment are also pictured.

Close back the rear cover casing. Align the camera hole with the rear camera body, then press the sides down gently with your fingertip. If the sides didn't leave any gap that means the cover perfectly attached to LG Escpae P870. Another way to make sure the cover well-attached, when you press the casing down again the body of the phone, make sure it clicks.

Insert SIM Card of LG Escape P870

Insert SIM Card  Slot Assemble Battery Install Compartment LG Escape P870
Insert SIM Card to its Slot Assemble Battery to its Compartment of LG Escape P870

With gold-colored contacts area is facing downward, slide and push the SIM card into the card slot with your fingertip. If the card still not reach the end of the slot, use your "back of fingernail" to push the SIM until the SIM is finally successful inside the SIM card slot.

Install microSD Memory Card of LG Escape P870

When you wanna try to insert the microSD card to its memory slot, remember that the gold-contacts always facing down (microSD logo facing up), then slide and push the card into its slot with your fingernail / fingertip. Make sure the notch of the microSD card align properly with the mouth of the slot. Done.

LG Escape P870 Insert microSD Memory Card Attach Close Back Cover Case
LG Escape P870 Insert microSD Memory Card Attach Back Cover Case

On the installing battery: align the metal-contacts side of the Li-ion battery with the gold-connector of its compartment, make sure the LG logo is facing upwards, then slide and press the battery down to its place. Whenever you heard click sound, that means the battery well-assembled on the compartment.

Perform Hard Reset on LG Escape P870

There are two ways on facing the frozen screen on your LG Escape P870. If the touchscreen stop responding occasionally, try to remove unnecessary file, data, games from the device to make a little more storage in internal memory. Or if it just sometime not too often, try to force restart or reboot: Press the power for about 11 seconds, then after the phone shutting down (force turn off), press once again the power button for about 3-5 seconds to turn it on.

This is the hardware way on doing the Hard Reset / Factory Reset: Turn the phone off > Press and Hold Volume Down Key and Power key at once > Release all keys whenever the device vibrates > Tap Back Key then Home Key repeately > Stop tapping whenever the Android Robot shown up > Reset process is on going > Wait till the resetting phone is done.

Otherwise, Go to Settings > Backup & Restor > Facotyr data reset > Reset phone > Follow the rest. Warning! Backup, backup your data before doing Hard Reset on LG Escape P870. All your data will be lost!

Source: LG.Com

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