Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Master Reset, Open Cover, Insert SIM & Memory Card

If you are having big thumbs or big tip of fingers, this Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 isn't a gadget for your need. This because this device only has 3.14 inches touchscreen display which will make you hard to type in on-screen keyboard, especially the qwerty. But it's up to you. The youngster or teenager shouldn't have a problem on using this phone, though.

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Mobile phone
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Mobile phone

The phone powered by Android Froyo OS (on the first released at January 2011), but upgrade-able to Gingerbread OS. The phone uses 600MH ARMv6 processor with 384MB RAM. The internal memory only has 160MB but there is an external microSD card slot.

You might noticed that on some regions, this Galaxy Mini also known as Samsung Galaxy Pop or Samsung T-Mobile Move. Therefore the tutorial that we give you below also applied for both of those gadget.

Open Back Cover and Attach it back on Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Place your Galaxy Mini on your palm of left hand, hold it on the rear panel facing upward with your left finger. Then using tip or fingernail of your finger, open the back cover from the bottom side of the phone in which the speaker locates: insert, grip, then lift it up. Still had some sides on the cover attached? Don't worry, use your fingernail to remove the part that didn't yet opened, make sure all the cover detached and you can easily remove the cover.

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Open  Rear Cover Attach Back Casing
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Open Cover, Attach Back Casing

Whatever you wanna do after opening the rear Casing, whatever you had done after that, if you had finished the job, make sure before you using the Samsung Galaxy mini (turn it on etc), you attach the cover back: Align the casing with the body, ensure the camera hole is perfectly aligned with 3 Megapixel rear camera (able to create QVGA@15fps video recording with geo-tag but no LED flash nor front facing camera), then press the cover-sides down until it clicks and locks with the body of the phone.

Inserting SIM Card to its slot and Assembling the Battery to its compartment on Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570

On the basement, on the floor! Yep, that's the location of SIM card slot of the Galaxy mini. It's on the floor/basement of battery compartment. Therefore, whenever you want to insert the SIM card to its slot, you must remove the battery from its compartment (if the battery have been attached)

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Insert SIM Card Slot Compartment Assemble Battery
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Insert SIM Card, Assemble Battery

Galaxy mini S5570 uses standard SIM card / USIM. And here the steps you could do on inserting the SIM card: Facing downwards the SIM Card gold-contacts, make the cut-corner of the SIM in outside position, then Slide the the slot of the SIM until it placed. Sometime you need to push it to make the SIM perfectly installed to its slot.

After you have inserted the SIM card, you can continue to the next step: Assemble the battery. The battery uses Li-ion type with 1200mAh capacity. You'll see on one side of the battery SAMSUNG logo painted in there. Make sure this logo is facing up. Then align the connector of the compartment with the metal-connector of the battery, slide and press the battery to the compartment. Whenever is place well, you've done. Close the casing back after you finished on install the SIM and battery.

Inserting Memory Card (microSD type) to its slot on Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

The memory card slot on Galaxy mini locates on the left side of the phone's body (from rear facing view, pictured). There is a kind of cover in the sides of the phone with tiny gap you can see. Insert your fingernail into this gap, then flick it to detach the cover. There you can see that the slot is ready.

Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Insert Memory Card Remove microSD
Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 Insert Memory Card, Remove it

With gold-contacts of the microSD facing downwards (clearly pictured), insert and push the memory card to the slot until it reach the end of the slot. Whenever you release the push and the card didn't eject, that means you've done right and the card successfully locked to the slot.

To Eject the Memory card, you just need to do a little trick. Push the microSD card against the slot, release it. That'll make the card pop out and eject. Then you can easily draw the memory card out for its slot. Finally, Close the slot's cover back.

Factory/Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

Remember that whenever you do the Hard Reset aka Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy mini, all your personal data such as photos, videos, downloaded games, applications, all would be nulled aka deleted. This include your personal settings and contacts list on your phone. Be wise

In case you forgot your password of your google account or you can't access your smartphone because of this (such as forgot pattern lock or PIN), this factory reset that we gonna give you the guidance will not suited for you. Go to samsung service center to ask for help.

Open apps list > Find and select Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

That's how you can do Hard Reset. Usually this action is applied due to you phone too often on getting error -- freezes, hangs, stop responding the touchscreen, etc -- and you rebooting or force (by press and hold power button for 10-11 seconds) to restart the Galaxy mini, the problem still appears.

Source: Samsung.Com

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