BlackBerry Z10 Open Rear Door Cover Insert SIM Install Media Memory Card Reset Password

BlackBerry Z10 can be called as the rise of RIM on smartphone war. With the newest BlackBerry 10 OS, this phone is the challenger of Android phone and iOS phone. It can be concluded that the success of BlackBerry Z10 is the success of the reset of BB. The fall of BB Z10 would be the fall of all of Blackberry (and RIM either). This phone comes with 4.2-inches display touchscreen with HD resolution at 768 x 1280 pixels.

BlackBerry Z10 BBZ10 RIM
BlackBerry Z10 by RIM

With BB 10 OS, the BlackBerry Z10 is powered with dual-core 1.5GHz Krait and accompanied by Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset dan Adreno 225 GPU. The RAM uses 2GB memory. For photography purpose, there is 8MP camera on the rear side with LED flash, autofocus, geo-tagging, face detection and can record HD video up to 1080p@30fps. Even there is front facing camera up to 720p@30fps on 2MP camera. The internal storage has 16GB memory with expandable capability up to 64GB (microSD card).

Open Back Door Cover Casing on BlackBerry Z10

From the rear panel where the back cover (battery door) located, you can open the back cover casing by inserting tip of your finger into the bottom-middle side of the phone (there is a gap in there), then lift the door / cover up until it's partly opened. You can continue on opening the cover until the cover is fully detached from the body of BlackBerry Z10.

Open Door Cover Remove Attach Back Case on BlackBerry Z10
Open Door Cover Attach Back Case on BlackBerry Z10

There are two alternative location of the SIM card slot on BlackBerry Z10. It's depend on the model of BB Z10 and also the carrier: STL100-3 RFK121LW, STL100-3 RFF91LW, and STL100-4. the picture below shown you two model of SIM card slot on BlackBerry Z10. But all would be the same steps on installing the SIM card to its slot. Just align the SIM card with the slot, make sure the cut-edge of the SIM card on inside position, make sure the gold-contacts of your SIM facing downward, the slide the card with your tip of fingers.

Install SIM Card on BlackBerry Z10

If needed, you can push with your fingernail. Because the slot door /mouth is facing the battery compartment, if the battery had assembled, you need to remove it first before you able to install the SIM card.

Insert SIM Card Remove Install Slot BlackBerry Z10
Insert SIM Card Remove it on BlackBerry Z10

To remove the SIM card, place your thumb on top of the SIM card and gently press the SIM, push the SIM with your other finger from the other end, then at almost the same time, slide the SIM with your thumb out from its slot.

Assemble Battery on BlackBerry Z10

Assembling the battery also can be done depend on the model type of BB Z10. But you just need to make sure that the metal connector (with + and - signs) is align properly with the battery compartment gold-contact connector, the slide and press the battery until it's fitted with the compartment. The battery uses Li-ion 1800 mAh capacity.

Assemble Remove Battery Compartment of BlackBerry Z10
Assemble Remove Battery to Compartment of BlackBerry Z10

To remove the battery, you just need to lift it from the opposite end of the battery (opposite with connectory) then pull the battery completely out from its compartment.

Insert microSD Memory Card on BlackBerry Z10

To insert/install the microSD External card storage (Media card), ensure that the gold-colored contacts of the Media card is facing down then slide it into its slot until the card is locked. Done.

Insert Memory Card Remove microSD Media Install Slot of BlackBerry Z10
Insert Memory Card Remove microSD Media to its Slot of BlackBerry Z10

To close / attach back the cover, just align the cover / door casing with the body of the device, make sure the camera hole fit with physical rear camera, then press the cover until it tightly attached.

Forgot Password and Reset BlackBerry ID Password on BlackBerry Z10

There is two way on resolving the issue on forgoting your BlackBerry ID Password. By visiting blackberry website (click the link), then click Reset your password from there (via PC or Laptop) or clicking "Forgot Password" directly from your BlacBierry Z10 > Answer Security question > Do the rest.

Source: BlackBerry.Com

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