HTC One VX Hard Reset, Open Cover Case, Insert SIM, Remove microSD Memory Card (AT&T)

HTC One VX as far as I know is special Android Smartphone designed for AT&T Carrier. But, not I would not limited or denied if someone find this phone in other Mobile Carrier or in unlocked version. The phone designed to be worked on 4G LTE AT&T data networks and uses GSM technology for up to 42.2 Mbps (HSDPA). The Android version runs on this device is Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.


This 4.5-inches phone is manufactured using Super LCD2 capacitive touchscreen and installed with HTC Sense UI verion 4+. Comes with 540 x 960 pixels resolution on 4.5" display made this One VX acquired 245 ppi pixel density. Quite good enough. Dual core 1.2GHz is used as Central Processor Unit, with the Chipset come from Qualcomm MSM8930 Snapdragon, Adreno 305 as GPU, and has 1GB of RAM.

Open Back Cover Casing and Slots Location of HTC One SV for AT&T

You should start on opening the back cover casing of HTC One SV from the bottom side of the rear facing side. Using your finger insert it into the opening gab on the middle of the bottom rear side, then pull it up until the bottom side part is opened. You don't have to worry if you hear a creack or clack sound; it's normal. Whenever the cover is partly opened, you can continue to detach the sides of the cover (middle to top) until the cover is fully removed. You can use one hand or both of your hand and use your finger nail if it hard to be detached.

Open Back Cover Casing Location SIM Memory Slot HTC One VX
Open Back Cover Casing and Location of SIM, Memory Slot on HTC One VX

Under the 5 Megapixel Rear camera and LED Flash light, there are two slot available in there. Each of them belong to microSD Card and SIM Card (mini-SIM Type). The left side belong to microSD slot, the right side belong to SIM Card slot (Pictured location can be seen on the figure above).

Insert and Remove SIM Card on HTC One SV for AT&T

Inserting the SIM Card onto its slot is definitely easy, but on the contrary Removing it would be tricky. Just make sure the SIM Card is facing down its gold-colored contacts, the cut-edge place and align like the picture above, then slide the SIM card into the slot until it's locked. You can also assist it by pushing it with your fingernail. The click sound might heard as indicator that the Card properly locked.

Insert Remove mini SIM Card HTC One VX ATT
Insert, Remove mini SIM Card on HTC One VX AT&T

If you keenly watch the SIM card slot (with the SIM card in), there is a kind of "holder" or "lock" that prevent the Card in the slot. If you try to slide the SIM card directly, there now way you can move it out. That because this "holder" that hold the Card. This what I call tricky: First you you need push the SIM card as a way to unlock the holder, then it will make the card pop out or eject. After the card eject, you can easily slide the card to fully removed from its slot by press and hold the SIM Card tab then Slide the Card out. Done.

Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card on HTC One SV for AT&T

Insert Remove microSD Memory Card HTC One VX ATT
Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card on HTC One VX

For the microSD card, you do the same step on inserting or removing the card into its slot. Insert: With Gold-colored contact facing down, the card aligned properly, push it to the slot until it locked (click sound heard). On Removing: push the card first to make it unlocked and pop out. Grab with your finger then slide it out until the microSD fully removed. Done.

Attach Back Cover on HTC One SV for AT&T

Replacing back the Cover is the final step. All you need to do just align the cover with the top side body of the One VX, then pressing down from top side to bottom side until the cover casing is "fitted and locked" to the body. Click sound might be heard while you doing these job. Done.

Replace Back Cover Attach Casing ON HTC One VX ATT
Replace Back Cover Attach Casing ON of HTC One VX

Additional information: The 1800mAh battery is non-removable type. So be wise on charging or using it. If the battery broken or leak out, go to HTC Service Center to ask for replacement. You do not allowed to replace it manually by yourself.

Perform Factory Data Reset / Hard Reset on HTC One VX AT&T

Usually, doing Factory Reset to your HTC One VX because of trouble or error that frequently happen in the device: Stop Responding, Hang, Unresponsive Touch, and similar reasons. But before you do the final action on Hard Resetting your One VX (because it will erase all data and document, even games and applications that you manually saved, created, and installed), you better try to restart or soft reset the phone.

Restart | Reboot | Soft Reset: Press and hold the Power button for about 11 seconds until the phone turning off and automatically restarted. Alternative: Home Screen > Press and Hold Power button for two seconds > Pop up screen appears > Choose Restart > Confirm by tap Restart once again > Done.

And for Factory Data Reset, you can follow our guidance here: Slide Notification (or Open Apps) > Tab Settings > Storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. Remember if you have already set the pattern lock or Password, you might need to enter your current pattern lock or password to perform this Hard Reset steps.

If the steps above can't be done, you can also follow our hardware tutorial below: Press + Hold Volume DOWN > Press + Hold Power > 3 Android shown on the display; release all the button > Choose Factory Reset with Volume Down > Confirm it with Power button > Wait till the process is done.

Source: HTC.Com

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