Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930 Hard Reset Open Cover Install SIM Insert Memory Card Assemble Battery

You might only find this Samsung ATIV Odyssey on US region at this time. It's the newest Windows Phone 8 powered Smartphone by Samsung which is designed special for Verizon Wireless Mobile Carrier. Along with the Verizon provider, the Samsung SCH I930 (series name of Ativ Odyssey) supports for CDMA and GSM (depend of the package of Verizon) and als 4G LTE 700 MHz Class 13.

Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930
Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

The phone's design uses 4.0-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display at 480 x 800 pixels resolution. In Global version you might know Samsung Galaxy Ativ S, the same WP 8 OS runs also on this device.

There is a microSD external storage card slot up to 64GB as an expandable storage for 8GB internal memory. For the processor, this device uses dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait with Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset and Adreno 225. For the RAM, it is equipped with 1GB RAM. There are two camera for front (1.2MP) and main rear facing side (5Megapixels)

Open Rear Cover Casing of Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

From rear panel point of view, you can take a closer look on the top-left side of the phone body. Between the cover and the body of the phone on the top-left side you can find a kind of gap. This gap is a starting point where you can insert your fingernail then lift the cover up gently therefore the cover can be opened.

Open Back Cover Casing Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930
Open Back Cover Casing of Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930

The picture above shown you on removing the cover by using the nail of forefinger place and lift the cover from the gap that we mentioned above. Actually, the forefinger isn't a must, you can alternatively use your thumbs, middle-finger or any finger that you think quite strong to lift the cover. Whenever the cover partly opened, continue removing the cover for all the side that remain attached until the cover is completely detached.

Install SIM Card and Battery of Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

On the right-top side of battery compartment or south-east of 5MP rear camera is where the SIM card slot location position. If you want to install the SIM card, there is one thing you should ensure: the battery must be removed from its compartment.

Install SIM Assemble Battery Insert slot Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930
Install SIM Assemble Battery on Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930

Make sure the SIM card (micro-SIM type) Verizon logo facing upward and the cut-corner of the SIM on the outside, then slide the Card into its slot until it perfectly placed in its position (locks).

Now, after you finished inserting the SIM card, you can assemble the Li-ion 2100 mAh capacity of the battery. Align the metal-connector of the battery and of the compartment, make sure the samsung logo facing upward, the slide and press the battery down to the compartment.

Attach Cover of Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

The next step should be attaching back the rear cover casing. Slide the battery cover to the bottom of the phone (align it properly) then press down the sides of the cover until all side are locked.

Attach Cover Back Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930
Attach Cover Back on Samsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930

You can make sure the cover attached properly when there is no gap between body and casing or the cover clicks (you heard sound likes click).

Insert and Remove microSD Memory on Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

On Inserting the microSD external memory card, you don't need to open/ remove the battery cover. The slot of the memory card available on the bottom-left side of the phone (from front panel view, pictured). Just open the cover of the slot (there is a letter SD CARD carved in there) with your fingernail (insert it in opening gap available in there) Then with gold-contacts of the microSD facing downwards, slide and push the card until it locked.

Insert Memory Card Remove microSD slotSamsung Ativ Odyssey SCH I930
Insert Memory Card Remove microSD from its slot of Samsung Ativ Odyssey I930

If you want to remove the microSD, remember to unmount it first via Settings > System: Phone storage > SD card > remove SD card. Then push the card to unlock the card and make the card eject, then pull the card out. Finally you can close the cover back after you finish it. Done

Performing Factory Data Reset on Samsung ATIV Odyssey SCH I930

Whenever it come to Factory Reset or Hard Reset or Master Reset, please remember that you shouldn't do this action if you don't have enough reason to do that. If your phone just somehow mis-settings or mis-configure, don't ever try to directly performing the Master Reset. Try to find the correct solution first. But in case you have too much trouble such as your phone frequently got error, hang, or stop responding, you had already many times on rebooting or force restart (hold power for 12 seconds that would give you force reset on your device) the Samsung Ativ Odyssey but the problem still occurred, that quite a good reason to do Hard Reset.

Go to Settings > System: about > reset your phone > yes > follow the rest.

Volume Down Up key, Power Lock Key Samsung Ativ Odyssey for Hard Reset
Volume Down Up key, Power Lock Key of Samsung Ativ Odyssey for Hard Reset

That's the fastest way you could do Factory reset. But in case you are unable to access the phone, you can try this combination hardware key.

Turn off the phone > Press Power button and Volume down key > Release power button and still press and hold the Volume Down > Screen appear with exclamation mark: release the volume down > Then do this sequence: Volume up ~> Volume Down ~> Power ~> Volume down > Resetting process would begin > Wait till the phone is done on doing the hard reset.

Source: Samsung.Com

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