Sony Xperia neo L MT25 Factory Reset Open Cover Case Install SIM Card Insert Memory Card Remove Battery

There is only 300MB user internal storage available for this Sony Xperia neo L MT25 from the original 1GB built-in memory. Therefore, the microSD external memory card is a must for this device. Therefore we gonna provide you a tutorial on how you could properly install this external memory card.

Sony Xperia neo L MT25 Black White Casing
Sony Xperia neo L MT25 Black White Casing

This 4.0-inch display touch-bar smartphone is equipped with LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen and has 480 x 854 pixels resolution. The Operating System, of course, runs on Android OS. It currently uses Android version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. For the hardware: There is 5MP rear camera, there is VGA front-facing camera, Processors uses 1GHz speed (Scorpion) with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset, and Adreno 205 GPU.

Open Back Cover Case, Attach and Remove Battery on Sony Xperia neo L MT25

The slots of SIM card and microSD card are in the same "location". It's like a building with 2 floors. But before you could know where the location of these slots, you need to open the back cover casing of Sony Xperia neo L.

Hold your phone with your left hand (if you are left handed, hold with your right hand), then make sure the touchscreen display facing downwards which mean the rear is upward, then on the bottom side of the phone, there is a small gap or cave that you can use to open the cover casing using your tip of finger.

Open Back Cover Case Remove Battery Attach Sony Xperia neo L MT25
Open Back Cover Case Remove Battery of Sony Xperia neo L MT25

On the figure above you could use the tip of your thumbs (right hand). If your nail quite strong, it can be used to open the cover by inserting to the opening cave, then pull it until the bottom parts of cover is lifted. Whenever it's lifted, you can continue remove the cover (side by side) with your tip of finger until the cover's fully removed.

Install Remove microSD Memory Card on Sony Xperia neo L MT25

On the top-right of battery compartment, you can see the microSD slot and SIM slot. On the lower side (ground floor), it's for microSD memory card, and for the SIM card, the slot is placed on the above of the memory slot (upper side).

Because sometime from the Package of the Xperia neo L, the battery had already assembled, you need to remove it first before you able to insrt the SIM or memory card. Just right under the rear camera on top-middle of the battery compartment there is an opening hole in there. Insert tip of your finger in this hole, the press it down a little and lift the battery up until it's completely removed. Done.

Insert microSD Card Remove Memory Install Slot MT25 Sony Xperia neo L
Insert microSD Card Remove Memory from its Slot of Sony Xperia neo L

With gold-contacts of microSD facing downwards, insert the memory card into its slot and push it until it's locked. When you need to take out the microSD card, unmount it first before you remove the card. After that, you can safely remove the memory card by engaging it (pop out) from its slot by pressing again the edge, then you can easily pull out from its slot. Done.

Insert and Remove SIM Card on Sony Xperia neo L MT25

Face the gold-contacts of SIM card down, insert and push it into its slot. Make sure the cut-edge is on the outside There is no additional explanation about this. Just see the image below.

Install SIM Card Remove Insert Slot Sony Xperia neo L MT25
Install SIM Card Remove it from its Slot of Sony Xperia neo L MT25

You can easily remove the sim card by slide it out from its slot with your tip of finger. Make sure your tip of finger (forefinger or middle finger) is dry then if you feel some grip just slide the card out from the slot. Done

Attaching the back cover case back to its position as a protection of the rear body of the phone, can be done by aligning the cover casing with the edge of the body, then pressing it down all the sides until the cover attached perfectly.

Do Factory / Hard Reset on Sony XPeria neo L MT25

To the point. Backup your data before doing this Hard Reset then go to Homescreen > Apps > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Please remember you must has a good reason before performing this Factory / Master Reset. The process can't be undo.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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