Sony Xperia U ST25 Open Back Cover Factory Reset Insert SIM Card Assemble Remove Battery (ST25i/ ST25a)

You may know that Sony Xperia U ST25 has the same design, concept, and even hardware and software with Sony Ericsson ST25i Kumquat. It's actually the same device but with an alias name or new brand name. In US this phone uses ST25a version which is works under 3G HSDPA 850/ 1900 / 2100 MHz frequency. On the contrary, the ST25i version only uses 3G 900 / 2100 MHz frequency. The rest of it is similar.

Sony Xperia U ST25 Overview Body
Sony Xperia U ST25 Overview Body

The phone designed as touch-bar form factory with 3.5 inches display. It's only support up to 4 fingers multitouch, but it has scratch-resistant protection glass. As Xperia series, Sony Xperia U uses Android OS for version 2.3 Gingerbread (on the release date by February 2012), but it's upgradable to version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The processor uses dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 with 512MB RAM. NovaThor U8500 and Mali-400 are chosen as its chipset and GPU.

The battery is removable with Lithium Ion 1320 mAh capacity. There is no external memory card slot (that's why we don't give you the tutorial at this post), and only 4GB user available memory storage (the total internal built memory actually 8GB).

Open Back Cover Casing of Sony Xperia U ST25

The only reason you need to open the back cover casing is because the battery that isn't yet assembled on the Sony Xperia U ST25. But because of the SIM card slot which locates on the right side of the phone (rear panel view) is also covered with rear casing, you also need to remove the cover before you able to insert the SIM card.

Open Attach Back Cover Casing Close Sony Xperia U ST25
Open Attach Back Cover Casing of Sony Xperia U ST25

To open the rear cover casing, use both of your thumbs on as a tool to get the cover removed. Hold the phone as shown on the figure above, press your thumbs again the cover, then slide the cover upwards until it's fully removed. If you aren't able to "slide" the cover, just make sure the pressing force of your thumbs are strong enough to make the cover "unlocked" and able to be slid upward.

Insert SIM Card to its Slot of Sony Xperia U ST25

On the left side of the phone from rear panel view, at the middle-side there is the SIM card slot. Align the cut-edge of the SIM (mini SIM) on the front side (face to face with the slot), make sure the gold-contacts of the SIM facing upwards, then push the SIM into its slot until it's perfectly locked.

Install Insert Remove SIM Card Slot Sony Xperia U ST25
Install Insert Remove SIM Card to its Slot of Sony Xperia U ST25

Pressing the SIM card once again after it's locked on its slot will make the SIM card pop out or partly eject. That's how you can remove the SIM card from its slot. After you push inward and then release it, whenever the SI engaged, you can easily draw it out from the slot. Done

Assemble Battery of Sony Xperia U ST25

To assemble the battery, align the contact-connector of the battery with the compartment-metal-contact, make sure the SONY label facing up, then slide and press the battery until it's properly fitted to the compartment. On the top right of battery compartment there is a gap located in there. That the gap that you can insert your fingertip in there in order to removed the battery from the compartment. Insert your finger, press and lift the battery up. That're the steps you must do.

Assemble Remove Battery Compartment Sony Xperia U ST25
Assemble and Remove Battery of Sony Xperia U ST25

Final step: Replace / Attach back cover casing. Just align the cover to make it fit with the body-cover slot of the Xperia U, then slide and push it until the cover is completely locked. Done.

Change bottom cover of Sony Xperia U ST25 and Perform Factory Hard Reset

As you might already knew, the bottom cover of Xperia U is exchangeable. You can change with the difference color of bottom cover. To change the cover just remove the bottom cover by using your thumb and forefinger (pictured below), firmly grip then pull it outward (a little bit powerful). Don't worry if there is a clicks or clacks sound is heard. It's usual sound. And to attach the other bottom cover, just push the cover with XPERIA logo facing upward (from front panel view), then make sure you heard a locked sound.

Remove Attach Bottom Cover Case Sony Xperia U ST25
Remove Attach Bottom Cover of Sony Xperia U ST25

On Resetting the Xperia U: Go to Settings (Home > Apps) > Privacy > Facotyr data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Remember that you need to backup all your data that you don't wanna lose. Especially the data that you saved manual. Including contacts, games, documents, photos, videos, etc. Whether you use PC Companion to transfer the backup-ed data to your PC or use bluetooth or else, it's not a big deal. Just do whatever suit for you.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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