Samsung Ativ S GT I8750 Hard Reset Insert SIM Remove microSD Memory Card Open Back Cover

Windows Phone 8 OS by Microsoft isn't an Operating System that identical to Nokia. It can be applied by other smartphone or tablet's manufacturer. Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750 is one of the smartphone by Samsung Vendors that runs under Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750 Windows Phone
Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750 Windows Phone

The "Ativ" brand itself is the brand for Windows Phone OS for Samsung's smartphone. The phone designed with touch-bar form factor at large screen display 4.8-inch (measured diagonally). The resolution of on this display even achieves 306 ppi (pixel density) on its 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

Along with WP 8, dual-core processor with Krait 1.5 GHz speed is installed. There are Adreno 225 for GPU, Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset and also 1GB of RAM. Samsung Ativ S comes with two optional internal memory. The 16GB and 32GB. There is 32GB external slot maximum that you can use to expand the memory. As a smartphone, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, 3G HSDPA up to 42Mbps, and even NFC are also ready to be used.  The 8MP camera with LED also able to record HD Video at 1080p@30fps.

Open Back Cover Case and Slots Location on Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750

Hold or place your Samsung Ativ S with the 4.8" Super Amoled capacitive touchscreen facing down. On the left side (topper) there is a small gap which is a location you should start when you try to open the back cover casing.

Just use your fingernails or tip of your finger (middle finger, forefinger, thumb or else shouldn't be a problem whatever the finger is): insert the fingernail to the gap, then push it up until the back cover is partly opened. Then continue to remove the sides of the cover from the body of Ativ S until the cover fully opened. There is no worry when you heard click or clack sound, it's normal.

Open Back Cover Case,SIM External microSD Memory Slot Location Samsung Ativ S GT I8750
Open Back Cover Case, SIM and External microSD Memory Slot Location of Samsung Ativ S GT I8750

Now after the cover has removed, you can see three important things on the rear body of the device: Battery compartment, SIM card slot, and microSD external memory card slot. Find the battery compartment will not a problem, so you don't need any explanation on this subject. For the SIM card slot, it places under the 8MP camera and it's on the right side. The opposite side (on the left side) is the microSD memory slot. Don't miss-place the card with each other, it could make your phone got an error. Be careful.

Covering back the back cover casing: Align the cover with camera hole on top of rear camera, slide it to the "latch" on the bottom side of the ATIV S' body, then push it down the sides of the cover until it's no longer has gap between body and cover. It might click sound been heard while you doing that (press the cover). Now your job is done.

Insert and Remove SIM Card on Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750

Face down the gold-contacts of the SIM, then align the cut-edge in position like we pictured above, and the final step is insert it to the mouth of the slot and push it into the slot until reach the end of the slot. Make sure the SIM doesn't pop out which means the SIM card is locked properly on the SIM slot.

Insert SIM Card Remove Slot Samsung Ativ S GT I8750
Insert SIM Card, Remove it from its Slot on Samsung Ativ S GT I8750

If you push the SIM once more, then it would make the SIM unlocked and disengaged from the slot. Usually it eject or pop out automatically directly after you push it. That's how you can remove the SIM / USIM from its slot. Whenever it pop out, you can easily pull it out from the slot with your finger.

Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card on Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750

Actually, the same steps on installing and removing the SIM card also applied on microSD memory card. Align the card with the slot in proper position, make sure the gold-contact facing downwared, slide and push it until the card is locked on the slot.

Insert microSD Memory Card Slot Close Cover Casing Samsung Ativ S GT I8750
Insert microSD Memory Card into its Slot, Close Cover Casing On - Samsung Ativ S GT I8750

The only difference between SIM and memory is that when you wanna remove the microSD memory, you need to unmount the card to make it save to be removed. Go to Settings > phone storage > SD card > remove SD card > Yes. Now you can safely remove the memory card from its slot. Push the card to make it unlocked and part of the card is ejected, then pull it out from the slot. Done.

Assemble Battery on Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750

Assemble and Removing the battery: to assemble the battery to its compartment, you need to make sure that the battery with "SAMSUNG" logo facing upward, then the contact-metal connector of the battery aligned with connector of the compartment, and the last step is slide and push it down until the battery fitted on the compartment.

Assemble Remove Battery Compartment Samsung Ativ S GT I8750
Assemble Battery and Remove Battery into/from its Compartment of Samsung Ativ S GT I8750

Removing the battery just need to pull the battery out from the compartment; starting from the "ass-bottom" of the battery in which the "opening-cave" located. Use your tip of your finger to lift it up, then you can remove it freely from the compartment.

Samsung Ativ S GT-I8750 Factory Reset aka Hard Reset Tutorial

We don't give you the tutorial on doing Factory Reset by hardware button/key combination at here. In case you wanna look for this way, we recommend you to visit Samsung Service Center and ask them how to do it. But in case you just looking for how to do Hard Reset via settings; in case you need to reset to factory default condition, just follow our guidance below.

Please remember that this steps shouldn't be performed if you don't want your personal settings, data, document or downloaded apps and games. Please backup. Go to Settings (from Applications screen) > system > about > reset your phone > yes > yes.

Remember that this Master Reset can be used to solve frequently error such as the Ativ S is frozen and unresponsive, the touchscreen stop responding or the phone start slowing down. Although you have already rebooted or restarted the phone but the problem still occurred (by pressing power button for 11 seconds or more until the phone automatically restarts).

Source: Samsung.Com

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