Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II (2) SCH-I415 Insert SIM Card microSD Memory Card, Factory Reset, Open Back Cover, Remove Battery

For anyone who love to use qwerty keyboard (physically) from Samsung Mobile Phone vendors along with Verizon Wireless (US), you can try this Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II. The real keyboard can be slide from the side of the phone along with large touchscreen display.

Samsung Galaxy Stratospere II SCH-I415 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Stratospere II SCH-I415 Smartphone

Whether you love to type on physical keyboard or onscreen keyboard, this SCH-I415 will always ready for you. It's because the display touchscreen is quite large. It uses Super AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen with 4.0 inches diagonally size of the display. Because the combination of this touch and physical keyboard, you can called that this Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 SCH I415 is slider-touch smartphone.

This phone is equipped with 5Megapixel Camera and runs on Ice Cream Sandwich OS (Android version 4.0.4). On the hardware side, there are Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon chipset, dual-core 1.2GHz Krait and Adreno 225 for the GPU. The internal memory uses 8GB with 1GB RAM. Basically, this phone works under CDMA networks along with Verizon Wireless. Supports for EVDO REv.A up to 3.1 and 4G LTE.

Open Back Cover Casing, SIM & Memory Slots Location on Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH I415

It seems that the Verizon didn't included its SIM CARD by default. You had to remove the back cover of the Stratosphere 2 casing then find the SIM card slot and insert it the Verizon 4G LTE SIM Card to the slot.

Open Back Cover Case Location SIM microSD External Memory Card Slot Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II 2SCH I415
Open Back Cover Casing, Location of SIM Card Slot and microSD External Memory Card Slot of Samsung SCH I415

Hold your Stratosphere 2 with your left hand, facing it upward and make sure that the Rear Camera is on the top position from your eyes. There is an opening cave on the top-middle side of the SCH I415 that you can use as starting point on opening the rear cover of the phone. Insert your right forefinger or middle finger on the opening gap, pull it up until top side of the cover-casing is detached. Continue to the bottom part of the cover until the cover is fully removed.

Insert SIM Card and Install Memory Card on Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH I415

The SIM Card Slot (Holder) is located on the right side of 5MP rear camera (along with microSD Memory card slot. See the image above) Of course you only be able to see the SIM slot if you already opened the back cover casing of the Stratosphere 2 (two). With the gold-contacts of the SIM facing downward (also means the Verizon logo facing upward), end the cut-edge of the SIM is align to the mouth of the slot, just insert and slide the card into the card slot.

In case you wanna remove the Verizon SIM Card, you just need to slide the SIM out from the slot. If there is problem on removing the SIM, you can use your fingernail to slide it out from the slot.

Insert SIM microSD Memory Card slot Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH I415
Insert SIM Card, Insert microSD Memory Card to its slot on Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH I415

Now Move to the next tutorial. There is only 8GB internal memory available on this phone. If it's reduced with preloaded applications and also OS memory, it might be only 6GB user memory available for this Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415. But don't worry, there is an external microSD card slot is ready for you. It's up to 32GB memory which can be handled.

Inserting microSD Memory Card is simple. As we mentioned on the picture above that the location of the Memory card slot is beside the SIM card slot and Camera, you can try to insert the card diagonally across the SIM card slot. Just make suer the microSD label is upward or the gold-contact connector facing downward the align the card with the slot, and start to slide it in until the card is locked. Done.

Just like as usual, if you wanna remove the microSD card Memory, you need to unmount it from Settings > Starage > Unmount SD card option before you physically remove the card. It should be done to prevent any error or failure on the card and data. Then push the card first to make it unlocked and slightly pop out, then grip with your finger to pull it out or slide it out. Done.

Assemble Battery, Attach Casing Back on Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH I415

After you finished on the SIM and microSD Card, now it's time to assemble the battery of the phone. It's needed because defaultly the Li-ion 1800mAH battery (replaceable and removable) isn't attached yet to the compartment of the battery. Just make sure the Samsung label facing up, make sure the connector of the battery and the compartment is aligned, then slide and press it.

Assemble Battery Attach Cover Casing BackSamsung Galaxy Stratosphere II  2 SCH I415
Assemble Battery, Attach Cover Casing Back of Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II

Attach back the battery cover is the finalization of all basic process on this phone before you can safely charge the battery and turn on the phone. Align the cover with the body, make sure that the camera hole on the battery is fitted properly with the rear camera, then press it down all the edges of the cover and body until it clicked (you hear sound like "clack cleck" or something like that). It there is no gab between the cover and body (smoothly attached), it means you had done the job on covering on the phone. Done.

Do Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415

There is always a warning note that you should read before you performing the Hard Reset on this Stratosphere II or any others smartphone. Doing Factory Reset would give you a brand new settings that would erase all personal data, settings, and document. That's why you must backup your photos, videos, musics, documents or even applications, if you don't wann lose it. If you had done that, you are safely on doing the Master Reset:

Go to Home Screen > Touch Apps > Settings (or Menu > Settings) > Back up and reset > Factory data Reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. Because this steps somehow is dangerous, you could protect anyone who don't own this phone on doing this Factory Reset by using PIN or Pattern Lock. Whenever the PIN protection or Password Protection is activated, whenever someone try to reset your phone, it would be prompted with password lock or PIN.

Source: Samsung.Com

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  1. This site was more helpful than the Verizon and Samsung site. The picture which shows a slot for the SIM card AND for the SD card was most helpful. The other sites made me believe that the camera had one slot for either a SIM card OR a SD card. When I was sent a replacement phone, apparently I removed the SIM card (thinking it was the extra camera memory). However, my camera refused to operated, stating that there was no memory card. Thankfully because of the camera I I googled as well as visiting the aforementioned sites, trying to understand why the camera was not recognizing my SIM card (which I mistakenly though was the equivalent of a SD card). Because of the picture on this site I took my original phone from the return shipment box and explored it under good lighting. Lo and behold I found the micro SD card. Thankfully I had not yet returned my original phone. Thank you