Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Hard Reset Open Back Cover Insert SIM Remove Memory Card Assemble Battery

This is the first generation of Galaxy Ace that we previously had written for the second generation aka Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. The phone with 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with touch bar form factor design (means there is no physical keypad/keyboard) also known as Samsung Galaxy S5830, Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur, or Samsung Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss. The touchscreen display has 320 x 480 pixels resolution and is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass for scratch protection.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830
Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830

Galaxy Ace runs on Android Gingerbread version 2.3 OS. The power electricity come from Li-ion battery type with 1350 mAh capacity. The processor installed on this device has 800 MHz speed ARM 11 with Adreno 200 GPU and Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset. The internal memory only has 158MB but it included with microSD card 2GB on its external memory slot (can be expanded up to 32GB). For the RAM it has 278MB. The phone is single camera only which has 5MP resolution along with LED flash.

Open Rear Cover Casing on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S4830

Rear cover means back cover. That's where the 5MP camera location take place. To open the back cover casing you can insert your fingernail into the opening gap located on the bottom side of the phone (from rear panel point a view, see the image below). Insert, lift the cover up until the cover is partly removed (you might hear a sound in this process), then continue on removing / opening the all sides of the cover until it's fully removed.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Remove Back Open Cover Close Casing
Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830: Open Cover Close Casing

To close the cover back to its position. Align the edge of the cover with the body, then press the sides of the cover to attach the cover with the body. Remember that the camera hole must fits with the rear camera. You might hear a creeak sound when you press the side of the cover. This a normal sound that indicate the cover firmly attaches to the body of Galaxy Ace

Inserting SIM Card on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S4830

There are two possible reasons why you should need to remove the back cover casing of Galaxy Ace: To insert / remove the SIM card and to assemble / remove the battery. In order to be able to insert the SIM card, you had to make sure that the battery doesn't assemble.

Insert SIM Install Card Assemble Battery Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830
Insert SIM Card Assemble Battery of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830

With gold-contacts of the SIM card facing downward and cut-edge is align face to face with the "mouth" of the SIM card slot, slide and push the SIM card to its slot until it perfectly inserted in the slot. There no need additional steps.

If you own the Galaxy Ace GT S5830 as a brand new phone, you must know that the battery was not assembled on its compartment. To assemble the battery align the metal-connector of the battery and the compartment with the SAMSUNG logo facing upward, then slide and press the battery until it go inside the compartment.

Installing microSD Memory Card on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S4830

The next steps is inserting the microSD to its memory card slot. The galaxy ace includes 2GB microSD card slot. Open the memory card slot cover with your finger nail (detach it; the slot available on the left side of the phone from front panel view), then with gold-contacts of the microSD facing downward, insert and push the card with your fingernail until it locks (if the card didn't pop out, that means the card successfully locks). Close the cover back and done.

Insert Memory Card Remove microSD Slot Install Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830
Insert Memory Card Remove microSD from its Slot of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830

To remove the microSD card from its slot: Open cover slot > Push to make the memory card eject (unlocked) > Pull the card out > close the cover. Just remember that you must unmount it first ( Settings > SD card and phone storage > Unmout SD card > OK) before you can safely remove the microSD from the slot.

Performing Factory Reset / Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830

In case you need to go back your phone to original factory default condition and erase all unnecessary file, data, settings, games etc or you wanna get a fast solution for hang, unresponsive touchscreen, display freezes, here the Hard / Factory Reset steps:

Home > applications > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > reset phone > Erase everything.

Remember to backup your contacts, your personal data, and your google account before performing Master Reset.

Source: Samsung.Com

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