Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160 Hard Reset Insert SIM Install Memory Card Open Rear Cover Case

Wanna have Android phone but you don't want to have a high-end Smartphone (for example the Samsung Galaxy S III) cause you don't have enough budget in your wallet ? Try Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160. Known as Samsung Galaxy Ace II X S7560M in Canada, this device uses PLS TFT capacitive touschscreen at 3.8 inches display. The resolution for this 3.8" touch-bar phone is 480 x 800 pixels resolution with 16M colors.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

Although the Operating System came 1 years ago (the day the Galaxy Ace II was released, February, 2012) only uses Gingerbread android v2.3, but there is a guarantee that the GT I8190 will be available for Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System upgrade. For the processor, the Galaxy Ace 2 (two II) is installed with dual-core 800MHz CPU, with NovaThor U8500 chipset and Mali-400 GPU. The RAM usus 768MB capacity with 4GB internal memory storage. Do not worry if the space for your data isn't enough, there is 32GB microSD slot (maximum) ready for you.

Open Back Cover Case on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

You should start on opening the back / rear cover casing of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 from top side of the rear panel view. What we mean top-side is the side where the headset jack located on the above of 5 Megapixels rear camera and its LED flash light.

Open Back Cover Close Rear Casing Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160
Open Back Cover Close Rear Casing of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

Use tip of your thumb (forefinger or middle finger can be used either), make sure the phone is on offline mode (turn it off it still alive), press the opening hole on the middle of top side, then lift it gently until the top part of the rear cover casing partly opened. You might hear a click sound when doing this action. If there is a problem on gripping the top side, you can also use your fingernail. Whenever it partly opened you can continue open the sides of the cover off from the body of the Galaxy Ace 2 until the cover successfully removed completely.

Actually there are only two reasons you need to open the back cover casing of Galaxy Ace 2: Install/Remove the SIM card of your mobile carrier or Assemble/Remove the battery. The location of the SIM card slot is besides the rear camera and for the battery's compartment you can clearly see whenever you opened the cover casing.

To close the cover back to its function as a casing of the phone, just align the casing with body of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, then press the sides of the cover with your thumbs until it's lock properly. If there is still a gap between the phone, that means it has not properly attached. Press it once again until you head click and no gap anymore.

Remove SIM Card and Assemble Battery on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

To install the SIM card, just slide the SIM into its slot then push it until it reach the end of the slot. That's it. The only thing you had to make sure before inserting the SIM/USIM card are: Make sure that the SIM card is the standard SIM card type, make sure the gold-contacts facing downwards, and the last make sure the cut-edge of the SIM is on the outside position.

Install SIM Card Insert Slot Assemble Battery Compartment Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160
Install SIM Card to its Slot, Assemble Battery to its Compartment on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

On assemble the battery (you need to do this step because the first time you bought this phone, the Li-ion 1500mAh battery isn't yet assembled) just make sure that both metal-connector on battery and compartment align properly then slide and press the battery until it's fitted on the compartment. Make sure the logo of SAMSUNG is on the outside.

Remove and Install microSD Card on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

As for inserting the microSD external memory card, you don't need to open the back cover casing. The location of the memory slot on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is on the bottom-left side of the phone (from rear point of view, see the image). Just facing up the gold-contacts of the microSD, align with the slot, then push it to the slot until the card locked. If you can't see the slot, that means you need to open the cover of the slot first before inserting the memory card.

Insert microSD Card Slot Remove Install Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160
Insert microSD Card to its Slot and Remove it on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

Remember pushing on the microSD card once more time would make the memory card disengages from the slot (pop out or eject). This is actually the way you can remove the memory card from its slot. After it disengaged, you can easily pull it out from the slot. Done.

Do Factory Reset / Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT I8160

Always remember that doing Factory Reset aka Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 would make all the data you've been saved on the phone, including games, apps, photos, videos, etc, would be deleted. Backup! Backup! Backup before doing it.

Go to Applications > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

In case your phone experience unresponsive touchscreen for the first time or hang for the first time, just try to reboot or force to restart by pressing the power key for about 11-12 seconds.

Source: Samsung.Com

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