Sony Xperia Sola MT27 Hard Reset Open Back Cover Install SIM Card Remove microSD Memory Card

The correct writing of this Sony MT27 is sola instead of Sola (with big S letter), but that's not a big deal, is it? Sony Xperia sola MT27 is a phone with 3.7-inch display that equipped with ability of Floating Touch Display. Although the LED-backlit LCD touchscreen display only support for 4 fingers multitouch. The resolution for this display is 480 x 854 pixels and has 16M colors.

Sony Xperia sola MT27 Black White Colors
Sony Xperia sola MT27: Black and White Colors

Xperia sola has 5Megapixels rear camera with no front camera, equipped with NoaThor U8500 chipset, powered by dual-croe 1GH Cortex A9 processor and Mali-400 GPU, and has 512MB RAM with 5GB user memory (internal memory from total 8GB). The battery is non-removable and no-replaceable type with Li-ion 1320 mAh capacity, therefore no need a tutorial on how to assemble or remove the battery in this post. Though if you wanna replace it, you can go to Sony Service Center and ask for their help (especially if your sola is being currently under warranty periode)

Open Back Cover Case on Sony Xperia sola MT27

There are three words represent the tutorial and guidance that we gave you below: Slide, Insert, and Pull Out. To be able to remove or open the back cover casing of Xperia sola, you need to do the steps as follow (almost the same process on the way you open the cover of Sony Xperia S):

Open Attach Close Back Cover Casing Sony Xperia sola MT27
Open Attach Back Cover Casing of Sony Xperia sola MT27

Hold the body of Xperia sola MT27 as shown on the picture above, make sure the rear panel facing upward, then press the back cover down with both of your thumbs, whenever it's unlocked, you can continue to slide it upwards until the cover is completely out of the body of the device. If you aren't able to slide the cover, it means the cover is still locked, you need to try to press it down and slide it again and again till the cover can be slid upward.

After you've opened the rear cover casing, you can see the SIM card slot and also the microSD Memory card slot. On the left side is the microSD slot and exactly under the memory slot, that's the SIM card slot.

Remove and Install microSD Memory Card on Sony Xperia sola MT27

First it's better that you make sure whether you need additional microSD card slot to expand the storage or not. It's up to 32GB with microSD or microSDHC. If the 5GB is enough for you, there's no need for you to insert the microSD card. Remember that you need to buy this memory card separately. On the Xperia sola package, the extenal microSD card isn't included.

Insert Remove microSD Memory Cart Install Slot of Sony Xperia sola MT27
Insert and Remove microSD Memory Cart to/from its Slot of Sony Xperia sola MT27

If you've already had it, you can insert your microSD card to the slot by using this following guidance: Make sure the card align properly and the gold-colored contacts facing downward, the slide and push the memory card. You could push with your fingernail and you should make sure that the card is perfectly inserted and locked (reach the end of the slot).

If you try to remove the memory card, there is one important thing you must do before you physically remove the microSD card: You need go Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card. After that you just need to slide the memory card our from the slot then pull it out completely.

Insert SIM Remove on Sony Xperia sola MT27

On Inserting SIM card: As usual, ensure that the gold-contacts of your Mobile Carrier SIM card facing down, and cut-edge of the SIM card on the outside the slide and push the card until it's fully inserted in the slot.

Install Insert Remove SIM Card SlotSony Xperia sola MT27
Install and Remove SIM Card to/from its Slot of Sony Xperia sola MT27

In case you are bored with your provider or with your phone's number, and then you decide that you need a to buy new SIM card, before you able to use the new SIM card on your Xperia sola, first you need to remove the old SIM card that had been already inserted. Open the back cover, use tip of your forefinger or middle finger to slide the SIM card out. Make sure your fingertip is dried and the when you place and draw the card there is enough grip on it.

After you insert the SIM card, install the microSD card, before you turning on the XPeria sola, please make sure the back cover case is attached back. Aling the cover with the body from top-above, (there is a king of reel that you need to fit the cover in. Then slide it from top to the bottom of the phone (rear panel) until the cover is locked. Done

Perform Hard / Factory Reset on Sony Xperia sola MT27

While the process of Factory Reset or Hard Reset where running, please make sure that you don't press power button or other key in order to interrupt the progress. That would make a permanent phone damage. Make sure that the power from the battery is enough. Fully charged battery would be the best.

Doing Hard Reset must be performed due to an important problem. Such as the phone stop responding too often, hang, the touchscreen freezes and the likes. Make sure you back up you data: Photos, Games, Google accounts, Documents, videos, et cet ra.

Home screen > Apps > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > choose Erase SD card (external card may include) > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Wait till the process is done.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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