HTC Butterfly Open Cover Slot Install SIM Hard Reset Insert microSD Memory Card

You might find that this phone has the same design, same specs, same look with HTC Deluxe. The fact is, HTC Butterfly is the same phone of HTC Deluxe; Deluxe is another name of this phone. Speaking of the hardware and design which are used on this phone, this HTC Butterfly is one of the new phone with powerful specs and performance. The 441 ppi pixel density on 5-inch Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen (with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution), polished with Corning Gorilla Galss 2  are the prove from this phone.

HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly

The powerful quad-core 1.5GHz Krait processor, Qualcomm S4 chipset,  Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB of RAM, Android Jelly Bean 4.1 version, are also the "things" that make this HTC Butterfly is so powerful. The Full HD Display also equipped with powerful 8 Megapixel Camera that can record HD 1080p@30fps video with LED Flash and BSI sensor. The front camera even can be used for 1080p video chat (video calling with 2.1 Megapixel Camera).

HTC Butterfly: Open slot Cover, locations of the slots

For your information, HTC butterfly has 16GB internal memory and support for external memory card slot (microSD or micro SDHC) for up to 32GB. The first thing you need to do in order to get to know how to insert the microSD card to its slot and also install SIM Card, are how to know to open the slot cover and know the location each of the slot (which one for the SIM, and which one for the Memory).

Open Slot Cover Location SIM microSD External Memory HTC Butterfly
Open Slot Cover, Location of SIM Slot and microSD External Memory Slot of HTC Butterfly

The slot of SIM and Memory Card is placed on the top-right side of the phone (from front panel point of view). There slot is covered up with small-case that you need to open. Opening the cover should be no big deal. You just need to use your fingernail or just your finger (thumb / forefinger) to open the slot's cover. Just inserting the finger into the small gap of the slot's cover. You don't have to worry that the cover would be "jump" or missing, because there is a kind of "hinge" that would hold the cover to the body of the phone when it's opened. See the image.

HTC Butterfly: Eject Slot, Insert SIM Card, Remove Card Tray

After you had opened the cover, you can see the two slot levels on the compartment. The SIM card slot which is consist of SIM card tray is on the upper floor, and the bottom floor (below) is for microSD external memory card slot. Because the SIM need to be putted (placed) to the Card tray, you need to remove the card tray from its slot before you able to install the SIM card.

Eject SIM Card Tray Remove Install Slot Holder HTC Butterfly
Eject SIM Card Tray, Install SIM Card of HTC Butterfly

There is a tricky step that you must do in order to make the SIM card tray can be removed. There is a hole on beside the hinge. It's a hole that has a function as unlocked key of the SIM card tray. Use the SIM eject tool (usually available along with the package) to eject the SIM card tray. Just insert the tip of the SIM eject tool to the hole and push it until the SIM card tray pop out from its slot. Then you can easily grap and fully removed from the slot. Remember, if you lost the SIM eject tool, you can substitute this apparatus with "thing that similar": paperclip, small nail, etc.

Place the SIM card with gold-colored contact is face down to the SIM card tray and cut-edge corner aligned properly with card tray compartment. Then insert the card try to its slot and push it into the slot until it's properly locked (not pop out). Wanna remove the SIM card from the slot? Just do the opposite: Eject the card tray with the SIM eject tool, remove the tray from the slot, remove the SIM from its tray.

HTC Butterfly: Insert microSD Memory Card (up to 32GB)

On inserting the microSD memory card (you can use up to 32GB; means 16GB, 8GB, 4GB, 2GB, 1GB are welcome), take a look on the figure below for a while.

Insert Remove microSD Memory Card HTC Butterfly
Insert Remove microSD Memory Card on HTC Butterfly

You just need to insert it directly to the memory card slot and push it until you hear click sound that indicated it's properly placed and locked. If you wanna remove the microSD just push the card into the slot to make it unlocked and eject, then pull it out until it's removed. Done

The last thing you need to is, close back the cover of the slot. No need an explanation of this step. You can figure it out easily like the way you close your windows or door.

Perform Factory Reset aka Hard Reset on HTC Butterfly

This action usually applied if you had already used the phone for quite long time. You have added some applications, games, and have captured or recorded many pictures or videos or even had created many documents or data. Sometime due to this massive personal usage, the phone got slowly on processing the input. If it were bad, your HTC Butterfly might stop responding too often, or freeze or the touchscreen suddenly hang.

Resolving this issue if not a huge problem can be done by rebooting or soft reset aka restarting the phone, but if it can be handled, you might need to perform Factory Data Reset aka Master or Hard Reset. In HTC Butterfly you can do this steps as follow:

Slide Notifications panel > Settings > Backup and reset > Reset phone > OK. Otherwise you can do hardware combination steps: Press + hold Volume Down > Press plus Hold Power button > 3 Android shown, release both Power and Volume > Choose Factory Reset using Volume Down > Confirm it with Power key > Done.

Remember to backup your data before you do Factory Reset!

Source: HTC.Com

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