Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 Hard Reset Remove Back Cover Insert SIM Card Install microSD Memory & Battery

For your information, the phone which released on July, 2011 and has 4.0-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is also known as Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition. Without any question, you had already knew the answer why this Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 (official name) is known for that name.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001
Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001

The 4.0" display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and has 480 x 800 pixels resolution (achieve 233 ppi). The device was specially designed for GSM data network technology: support 3G HSDPA up to 14.4, GPRS, and EDGE.

Wit TouchWiz 3.0 User Interface, this 119 grams smartphone runs on Android Gingerbread OS for version 2.3. Depend on region and market, relating with internal memory storage, the Galaxy S Plus available in two versions: 8GB and 16GB. The phone is claimed to be able up to 7 hours talk time under 3G network. This ability is acquired from removable Li-ion type battery with 1650 mAh capacity.

For the processor, GT I9001 has 1.4GH Scorion, Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon as its chipset, Adreno 205 as the GPU and has 512MB of RAM. The good news is, this phone provides dual camera functions: 5MP camera on the rear with autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus for photography purpose (Video Record up to 720p@30fps) and VGA camera for video calling.

Slots Location and Open Cover of Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

The process on inserting the SIM Card (mini SIM type), installing the microSD Memory Card, assemble the battery on this Galaxy S Plus almost similar with Samsung Galaxy S III. Almost means it's not exactly the same. It might because this is version is a kind of first generation of Galaxy S series.

Facing downward your phone and make sure the rear panel where the cover locate can be clearly seen. On the bottom side of the phone, there is a gap that has a function as opening point. Insert your fingernail into the gap, then pull it upward until the cover half removed. Continue on opening the cover casing by using your fingernails on the sides (left, right, top) until the cover finally opens and detaches from the body of the Galaxy S Plus.

Open Back Cover Case Location of SIM Memory Slot Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001
Open Back Cover Case, Location of SIM and Memory Slot on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

Three important parts after you've opened the back cover: empty battery compartment, SIM card slot, and microSD memory card slot. The memory card slot located directly under the 5MP camera, and from the sim card slot is on the right side of the microSD slot. That's means, the SIM slot on the top-right of the battery compartment, and the memory slot on the left-top of the compartment. See the image to ensure what we talking about.

Insert SIM Card Assemble Battery on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

Bring your SIM card of your favorite mobile provider (carrier), make sure the cut-corner of the SIM is in outside position (pictured); make sure that the gold-contacts of the SIM card facing downward. Then align the SIM with the slot, and using your fingertip, slide the SIM into its slot. Whenever your fingertip can't be used to slide the SIM card, push the SIM card with your fingernail until the SIM reaches the end of the slot.

Insert SIM Card Install slot Assemble BatteryCompartment Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001
Insert SIM Card to its slot, Assemble Battery into Compartment on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

By factory package default, the battery of Samsung Galaxy S Plus isn't yet assembled. That's why you need to install the battery manually. After you open the cover, grab the battery with your hand, then make sure the LOGO facing upward, align between metal connector of the battery and the compartment, then slide and press the battery to the compartment.

Install and Remove Memory Card on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

For microSD card, you can insert the microSD card on memory card slot with the same steps like the way you insert the SIM card. Make sure the memory card align with its slot (Do not mistake with SIM card slot), then with gold-colored contacts facing down, push the memory card onto the slot until it perfectly locks on the slot. There is an easy way to make sure the card have locked on its slot: If the card didn't eject that means you are success on inserting it.

Insert Memory Card Remove microSD slot Install Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001
Insert Memory Card Remove microSD from its slot of Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

If you want to remove the memory card from its slot. Unmount it first via Settings > SD card and phone storage > Unmount SD card. After that, do not force to pull out the microSD card. You need to unlock it first. Push gently again the slot, then make it a little pop out. That means the card is unlocked, then you can easily grab and slide the card out from its slot. You can use the microSD card capacity up to 32GB. Larger than that wouldn't be read.

Attach Cover Back on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 Case
Attach/Close  Cover Back on Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Remember that if you don't need to add expandable external memory, you don't need to follow the guidance that we provides above. The final step should be closing back the cover casing. Align the camera hole with the rear camera (5MP), align the edges of the cover with the edges of the body, the press the sides down until it clicks. If there is a kind of gap (except for the bottom side), you need to press in the exact location where the gap appears until there is no gap in there. Done

Performing Factory data Reset / Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

Press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds would give your device force to restart aka reboot. This action can be a temporary solution in case your phone suddenly hang or the touchscreen suddenly didn't respond to any touch (freeze). But in case the story of hang and unresponsive as a habitual problem, you need to resolve this issue by performing Hard / Master / Factory Reset.

Go to Applications > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

This Factory Reset can be a solution in case you wanna erase all the data on your Galaxy S Plus (videos, photos, google account, document, musics, etc) and make the phone back to original factory default settings. This usually take place whenever you wanna resell your phone or give it to other person.

Source: Samsung.Com

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