HTC One SV Hard Reset Insert micro SIM, Remove Memory Card Open Back Cover

Depend on your carrier, the HTC One SV is available for CDMA type and GSM type for supporting data networks technology. Some of them also bundled with mobile provider therefore you don't need to know how you could inserting the microSIM on this device. Most of them also supports 4G LTE technology.


This 4.3-inch smartphone is powered with Ice Cream Sandwich OS (version 4.0.4) and quite good hardware: dual-core 1.2GHz processor, with 1GB of RAM. Super LCD2 Capacitive touchscreen is used as touchscreen display along with HTC Sense UI and coat-protected with scratch resistant of Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The Internal memory has 8GB capacity.

Open Back Cover Casing, Slots Location on HTC One SV

Open your HTC One SV package. There should be several part in there. Get the phone in your hand, and forget the others part. Now grab your mobile carrier's sim card. Make sure you use the microSIM type. Now you need to figure out where you should insert this sim card and how to do it. Trouble? Follow our guide below.

Open Cover Attach Case Back SIM Memory Slot Location HTC One SV
Open Cover Attach Case Back, SIM and Memory Slot Location on HTC One SV

As it shown on the picture above, you can open the back cover casing by using your thumb. Hold your HTC One SV with your left hand, then using your tip of the right thumb, gently press the cover from usb connector jack (used as opening gap or latch), then pull it downward until the cover is removed. You don't need to hold exactly the same as we suggested, instead by facing upward the rear panel, you could do it more easily. After the bottom side is opened, try to remove full of the cover from side to side until all the sides of the cover are detached completely.

After you completely removed the back/rear casing, you can see the microSD card slot on the left side of rear Camera (5 Megapixel Camera), and the SIM card slot just under the rear camera. For better understanding, you can refer to the picture embedded above which shown you each location of the SIM and memory slot.

Attaching back the rear casing cover of the HTC One SV. Align the back cover from the top side of the cover to top side of the body, press the sides from top to the bottom until the sides are locked properly. Click sound might be heard as the cover is being pressed and fitted.

Insert and Remove micro SIM Card on HTC One SV

Make sure the gold-colored contacts of the micro-SIM facing down, align the cutting-edge side into the position of the SIM slot, push it with your finger until it's fully inserted. If you don't know when the card is inserted properly, just make sure you hear a click when you pushing it.

Insert Remove microSIM Card Slot HTC One SV
Insert Remove microSIM Card on HTC One SV

To remove the SIM card, just push it once again to make it pop out (aka unlocked). It should be a parts of the SIM that you can grab with your finger (use your thumb and for finger), then pull it out until it fully removed.

Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card on HTC One SV

Insert MicroSD Remove Memory Card Slot HTC One SV
Insert MicroSD Remove Memory Card on HTC One SV

On inserting the microSD external memory, you do the same steps like it apply to SIM card. Make sure the gold-contacts facing downward, align to the mouth of the memory slot, push it until it's clicked and locked. Push it one again to unlocked, eject and slide it from the slot. That's how to remove the microSD card from its slot. Done

Assemble Battery on HTC One SV

The battery was already assembled on the HTC One SV (package factory default), but you can't turn on the phone because there is a film protection wrapped the battery of the phone (used Li-ion 1800 mAh capacity) that you need to remove first.

Remove and Assemble Battery Film Tip Compartmen HTC One SV
Remove and Assemble Battery on HTC One SV

There is an opening-cave on the bottom side of battery's compartment that you can use as "detaching-point". Insert your finger in this "cave" then pull the battery up. Now you can easily de-assemble the battery. Remove the film tape coated the battery, and assemble back the battery to its compartment. Just make sure the copper side is aligned with the connector of the compartment, and then press it down until the body of the battery dive in to its compartment. Done.

Do Factory Reset / Hard Reset on HTC One SV

To the point. Here are the steps you must follow in order to do Factory data Reset (known as Hard Reset or Master Reset) on HTC One SV: Remove the Battery > Assemble it back after 5 seconds or more > Press and Hold Volume Down > Press and Hold Power button > 3 Android images shown up on the display screen: immediately release all the buttons > Select Factory Reset (use the Volume Down to do this) > Confirm it with Power button > Wait until the Factory Reset process is done.

In case you don't know where is the volume button and power button, you can learn it by reading HTC One SV User Guide.

Alternatively: Go to Settings > Storage > Factoyr data rset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Remember on backuping any file that important to be saved before doing this Master Reset.

Source: HTC.Com

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