Sony Xperia E dual C1605/ C1604 Open Rear Casing Insert SIM Memory Card Factory Reset Assemble Battery Tutorial

The "dual" term on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 and C1604 means that this smartphone is a dual SIM card supports. You can have to different phone's number inside the Xperia E dual, so do you can get two difference Mobile phone Carrier / Provider. The difference between C1605 and C1604 series on this device is on the matter of 3G HSDPA supported networks frequency. The C1604 supports HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 Mhz frequency, C1605 supports HSDPA 900 / 2100 MHz frequency. It's seems this dual phone is designed only for GSM type.

Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604
Sony Xperia E dual C1605/ C1604

Sony Xperia E dual comes with Android OS of Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.4 in which it's powered by 1GHz Processor Cortex-A5, Adreno 200 GPU and for the chipset, the Qualcomm MSM7227A Sanpdragon is the chosen one. There is only 2GB internal user memory available (4GB total) but the external storage slot for microSD can be used for maximum 32GB. The RAM is equipped with 512MB. Considering this specs, I guess, the Xperia E dual is not quite high-end smartphone, In my Opinion.

Open Back Cover and Slots Location on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

The back cover of Xperia E dual is covered 4/5 part of the phone rear side. There is a gab that indicated the border of the phone body and its back cover located on the bottom side of the phone. To Remove the cover place your thumbs in between this border-gab then gently press and slide the cover off the phone (to the top / up direction; see the image below). Whenever it's loosen up (you might hear click sound at here) continue to slide the cover up until the cover fully removed. Do not pull it out!

Open Attach Back Cover SIM Memory Slot Location Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604
Open and Attach Back Cover, SIM and Memory Slot Location of Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

The cover is protecting three parts of Sony XPeria E dual: the battery compartment, the dual-sim card slot, and external microSD memory slot. The memory slot locates on the top left, the SIM (dual) on the top-right on the edge of battery compartment, and the last, the battery compartment that clearly seen in there that you couldn't mistaken (I guess).

Attach back the back cover. Align the cover with the body of the phone from above, the slide it downwards until it's locked. Remember slide the cover from top side to down side. Whenever your hear "latch-sound" it means the cover is perfectly attached.

Install and Remove microSD External Memory on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Inserting the microSD memory card is optional choice. If you're satisfied with 2GB user memory, you don't need any additional storage, but in case you need more space for applications, videos, documents, photos (etc), adding external memory should be a problem solver.

Insert and Remove microSD External Memory Card Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604
Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Make sure the memory card gold-contacts facing down and it's aligned properly with its slot, then slide it in to the slot. If the card did not reach end of the slot yet, you can push with your fingernail to make it reach end of the slot and locked properly (there is a plastic locked that hold still the card). If the microSD card is a new card, you might need to format it first before you able to use it.

Removing the memory card can be done more easily if you use both of your hand (use forefinger of your hands). As you can see at the picture above, to remove the microSD card, you can start by pressing down the plastic holder that hold the card, then slide the card out with your other finger. Done. To be noticed: You need to unmount the card before you remove the card for safety reason. Go to Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card.

Insert and Remove SIM Card on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Sony Xperia E Dual uses standard SIM card type. You shouldn't use other type of the SIM card such as mini-sim, nano-sim, or microSIM. With gold colored-contacts facing down and the cut-edge of the card is on the bottom right side (pictured), slide the card in to the SIM card slot. You can insert the SIM card one by one or insert both of the at the same time. But if you wanna remove the SIM Card, do it one by one.

Insert Remove Standard SIM Card Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604
Insert and Remove Standard SIM Card on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Slide the SIM Card with your finger tip out from the slot until it can be grabbed with your finger, then make sure it's fully removed from the slot. You can start with SIM card 1 or SIM Card 2. There shouldn't be any problem.

Assemble and Remove Battery on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Xperia E dual C1604 and C1605 use Lithium-ion battery with 1530 mAh capacity. The battery is removable and replaceable. When you first time got the phone, the battery wasn't yet assembled. You need to manually assemble the battery before you can use the device. Align the silver contacts of the battery with connector on the compartment, make sure the label is facing up then slide and press the battery down until it's fit to with battery's compartment.

Assemble Insert Remove Battery Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604
Assemble and Remove Battery on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

Removing the battery can be started from the bottom of the compartment. There is a opening gap in there. Use your thumb or forefinger, the insert it in the gab, and pull the battery up. That's it. You can follow the reset until the battery is fully detached.

Do Factory Reset on Sony Xperia E dual C1605 C1604

To perform Hard Reset on this Xperia E, you just need to make sure that all the data has already been backuped, then go to: Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

This steps need an access to your phone account. In case you forgot the password lock or even your google account, go to Sony Mobile Service Center and ask for their help to get your phone back to original factory default.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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