Sony Xperia go ST27i/ ST27a Factory Reset Open Cover Case Insert SIM Card Memory Card

Just wanna give you a little information regarding with Sony Xperia go ST27 (ST27i/ST27a), in case you are mis-named with others Sony smartphone. Sony Xperia go has another name in other region (country distribution). You might know this ST27 as Sony Xperia advance. In most of features, hardware, and software specifications, both of the are designed with the same "things".

Sony Xperia go ST27i / ST27a Black White Casing Colors
Sony Xperia go ST27i / ST27a Black and White Casing Colors

One of my friend that own this phone demonstrate that this phone is very tough. He place his Xperia go on the glass full of bear, and it like nothing happen, his phone still works properly. After search for the appropriate info, I notice that the Sony Xperia Go obtained IP67 certificate for dust and water proof (up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes). This phone's powered with dual-core 1GHz Cortext A9 with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage with microSD slot option. The OS launch with Android Gingerbread 2.3 but upgradable to ICS version 4.0.

Open and Attach Cover on Sony Xperia Go ST27i / ST27a

Opening the back cover of Xperia go would be a bit tricky. Whether you would be easily open the cover or got some problem on opening the casing depend on your "hand with its finger". On the bottom-left of the back cover, there is a strap hole in there. This strap hole also has another function for opening the back cover case. This strap hole is the first start as a opening key of the cover. Here the tips for you to open the cover.

Open Back Cover Case Sony Xperia go ST27 attach
Open Back Cover Case of Sony Xperia go ST27 and attach it back

With your left hand, hold your phone in rear face position and hand it at on rather top. Then using the the right hand, insert the thumbnail into the strap hole, press it and lift the cover until it's partly opened. It might open from bottom left then to some part of the cover. Resume on opening the cover by pull out the cover from side to side to the top until the cover is fully removed.

Finally, the next step is replace the cover (attach back) casing of the phone back to the body of Sony Xperia go ST27. Just align the cover casing with the body (make sure the camera hold is aligned with the 5 Megapixel rear camera) then press the cover down until it's attached and locked. You might hear a "clack" or "creek" sound when you do this. Do it, side to side. Mak sure there is no remind gap between the cover and the body of the phone. Done.

Eject Card holder, Insert SIM Card on Sony Xperia Go ST27i / ST27a

After you removed the back cover case, now you can insert your SIM card. The Sony Xperia go uses standard SIM card type, but you can't directly insert the SIM card to its card slot. It's because the card need  to be placed first on its SIM card holder (card tray). Therefore to be able to insert the SIM card, you had to eject the card holder from its slot. With your fingernail (forefinger) pull out the SIM card holder from its slot. The card holder slot provide on the left side of the phone (from front panel view, see the image to make sure where the location of this card holder slot).

Pull Out SIM Holder Insert SIM Card Sony Xperia go ST27i ST27a
Pull Out SIM Card Holder, Insert SIM Card of Sony Xperia go ST27i / ST27a

Place the SIM card to its holder and make sure that the gold-colored contact is facing up. Make sure that the cut-edge also align properly with the card holder, then you can insert the card holder (with the SIM card had already in) to the card holder slot. Done.

Insert Memory Card on Sony Xperia Go ST27i / ST27a

To insert the microSD memory card, you need to open the back cover casing (just like on SIM card), but at this time, even though you had removed / opened the cover, there is an additional protection on the external memory card slot. It has a special cover. This microSD card slot cover is applied to attain the IP67 certificate on dust and water proof. With the Xperia go rear panel facing up, you can find the location of this microSD slot with its cover on the top-right side of the phone (picture). There is a small gap on the cover of the slot, use this gap to pull out the cover using your finger nail. Insert your fingernail (forefinger) between the gab and pull it out. Then you are ready to insert your memory card (up to 32GB capacity).

Sony XPeria go ST27i ST27a Insert microSD external Memory Card slot
Sony XPeria go ST27i/ST27a: Insert microSD external Memory Card on its slot

With gold-contacts facing up, and it align properly (there is a picture carved tutorial above the microSD slot that you can follow), push the microSD card into its slot until it locked. Use your fingernail (or the side of SIM card or similar thing -- nail cutter for example) to press the card until it reach the end of the slot and locked. Then the final step should be place the cover back to its position until it's fully latched. Done.

Doing Hard Reset aka Factory Reset on Sony Xperia go ST27i / ST27a and Charge the battery.

If you owned this 3.5 inches phone for the first time and you wanna turn the phone on (by pressing the power button until it vibrates) for the first time after you had been assembled all the part (SIM, microSD memory, and else), you need to charge for at least 30 minutes the battery of this Xperia go. FYI, the battery is unremovable and replaceable type. This must be one of the reason to acquire the IP67 certificate. That is why there is no tutorial on removing and assembling the battery for this device. It uses Li-ion type with 1305 mAh capacity.

Turn Sony Xperia go On Reboot ST27i ST27a
Turn Sony Xperia go On, Do Reboot on ST27i / ST27a

To charge the phone all you need to do is connecting the microUSB port with your phone. The USB port for charge had a cover that you need to open first. Use your finger nail to open it. On the other end of USB plug the USB port into Power Adapter then finally plug the Adapter into Power Electricity Source in your Home. Done. Otherwise, you can directly connect the USB cable into Personal Computer. Though, we not recommend this charging option if it purposely for the first time of battery charging. It may take a little longer than via Power Adapter.

To do Factory Reset aka Hard Reset all you had to do just Go to Settings > Tab Privacy > Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. But, in case you just wanna reboot / restart the phone, you can follow this key hardware combination: Press and Hold the Volume button and Power button at the same time, then release it whenever the phone vibrate. This action sometime also called as Soft Reset.

In case you phone stop responding or touchscreen is frozen, you can turn off the phone by Holding and pressing the Power button for about 11 seconds, then wait until the phone vibrates 3 (three) times, and release the key. That would shut down the phone automatically: forced shutdown. If the freezing problem frequently occurred, you can do Factory Reset, but make sure all you data got saved first (back up needed).

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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