HTC Droid DNA Insert SIM Card ( Eject Tray & Slot), Do Factory Data Reset

Just wanna let you know that, at this day, this HTC Droid DNA is only available for Verizon Wireless Carrier (USA region). The interesting thing about this phone is it's equipped with high pixel density on the large screen display. With 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution on the 5.0 inches Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen the Droid DNA has about 441 ppi, more deeper than retina display on Apple product).


Another news for you (could be bad for some of you) is the fact that the battery installed in this device is non-removable type. Yes, this means the Li-Ion 2020 mAh battery "inside" the phone can't be replaced manually. If the battery somehow leak out someday, you need to go to HTC Service Center to ask for the replacement. That is why no battery cover on this device. Additional there is no external microSD card slot on this gadget. The only memory you could use is 11GB (total 16GB) user memory.

Place microSIM Card to its Tray, Insert and Eject Card Tray to/from Its Slot HTC Droid DNA

On the top-right side of HTC Droid DNA panel view, you can find the micro SIM card slot in there. Just right beside the SIM card slot, there is a tiny hole existed in there. It is a hole for ejecting the microSIM card tray from its slot. Use SIM removal tool to push the eject button inside the hole. Make sure the tip of the SIM Removal tool (alternatively you can use the tip of paper clip or anything who has a small-erect-needle type) inserted into the hole properly and the pressing force would make the card tray pop out. Pull the card tray out from card slot with your finger whenever it has already popped out.

Eject  Insert SIM Card Tray Place microSIM Slot on HTC Droid DNA
Eject SIM Card Tray, Place microSIM Card, Insert Card Tray to its Slot on HTC Droid DNA

Now you had a SIM Card tray in your hand. Get your Verizon microSIM card and then place it into the SIM Card tray and make sure that the gold-colored contacts facing down. And also make sure that the position of the SIM card has the same align with the card tray compartment (with the cut-edge is on the left side of the tray (see the image above).

If you have done with microSIM and its tray, now insert the SIM card tray back to the card slot. Push it with your finger nail or tip of finger until it reach slot end and locked properly. Done

Hard Reset aka Factory Reset on HTC Droid DNA (Manually and via Settings)

HTC Droid DNA Power key Volume Button, SIM Card tray Eject Hole
HTC Droid DNA Power key, Volume Button, SIM Card tray and Eject Hole
One of the first steps of common solution for any problems regarding with the phone's sensitivity touchscreen (stop responding, lagging, freeze) is by rebooting / restarting the phone. At this case, the HTC Droid DNA, can be done by pressing and holding the power button for about 11 seconds.

But in case the problem can't be handle by restarting the device, aka it's still occured again and again, you can do Hard Reset on this Droid DNA by HTC. To do Factory Data Reset (alias of Hard Reset Name) you can follow these steps:

Press and Hold Volume Down + Press and Hold Power Button (Series steps: Make the Volume Down first then Power button) > 3 Android images appear, Release both buttons > Choose FACTORY Reset (use Volume Down) > Confirm it with POWER Button > Done.

Otherwise, Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Source: HTC.Com


  1. since you mentioned that this phone is only available for Verizon Wireless Carrier, does this mean this phone is "locked" to Verizon? i won't be able to insert other Carrier's microSIM card? thanks :)

  2. Straight Talk says that I can set up my Droid DNA with their service.