HTC One V Open Bottom Cover Insert SIM Factory Reset Remove microSD Memory Card

The mini SIM and microSD slots and compartment for this 3.7 inches HTC One V are unique. It has the cover that need to be opened at the bottom of the phone (back side).  The bottom cover only covers for the SIM card slot and memory card slot of this Android ICS phone (default OS). It's not covering the battery. This means that the battery for One V which is used Li-Ion 1500 mAh is unremovable and replaceable.


As usually, we are here to give you an explanation and proper guideline to do a basic preparation step on how you can assemble and works with this smartphone. Especially how you can insert the min SIM card and external storage. FYI, the One V is installed with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset, with 1GHz CPU speed and Adreno 205 GPU. This gadget can be classified as middle-range level smartphone.

Open Bottom Cover of HTC One V

Hold the One V with your both hand in the position the rear side is facing up and the bottom cover is on the top (while the camera --5 Megapixel-- is pointed on your chest or belly). With both thumbs grip the bottom cover and the other fingers grim the other side, press the bottom cover (make sure your tip of thumbs on the border line between bottom cover and main body -- aka just right below the "beatsaudio" letter) and push it up until the cover is removed. Just wanna let you know that the casing colors for this One V might available in two version: Black and Brown.

Open Bottom Rear Cover HTC One V Attach Back
Open Bottom Rear Cover of HTC One V and Attach it Back

To make sure what we talking about, you can refer to the left side image on the figure above. Now your ready to insert the SIM and memory card, but before we gave you a tutorial to do that, let me end this "cover" tutorial by giving you an advice how to replace the cover back to its place: Just as shown on the right side image of the figure above, you can align the cover between the notches and the teeth underneath the bottom cover, then press in down until if firmly attached and locked. User your for finger to do that. In case it doesn't lock yet, you can push it one more harder until the locked sound is heard.

Insert and Remove SIM Card of HTC One V

The SIM card slot on the HTC One V is placed on the left side of the bottom compartment. And for the external microSD card slot is on the middle side of the compartment.

To insert the SIM card (it's used mini-SIM card type, though may be varied depend on your carrier and region), all you had to do after opened the bottom cover is to slide the SIM card in to the card slot until it reach the end of the slot (you might need to push it with your finger nail). But MAKE SURE that the cut-edge of the sim card is on the right outer side and the gold-contacts is facing downward.

Insert Remove SIM Card on HTC One V
Insert and Remove SIM Card on HTC One V

To remove the SIM card in case you wanna replace it with the other mobile provider carrier in this phone (you must ensure the type of your carrier; currently the One V uses GSM data network, but it also available in CDMA in some version with bundling contract): Just slide it out from the slot compartment. Use your tip of finger to touch and press it the slide it out. If you had a trouble on doing it make sure you finger is dry therefore the tip can have a grip on the card.

Insert and Remove microSD Memory Card of HTC One V

HTC One V only has 4GB internal built-in memory storage. It might too small to storage a personal data likes photos, videos, or document. Especially if you love to record HD Video up to 720p with 5MP camera and LED flash on this phone. But don't worry, there is up to 32GB external microSD memory slot ready to be used. Insert the microSD card in to the memory card slot locates on the beside (middle) the sim card slot. With gold-colored contacts facing down, push the card into its slot.

Insert  Remove microSD External Memory Card  HTC One V
Insert microSD External Memory Card on HTC One V and Remove it

Removing the external memory card can be done by reversing the processo f inserting the microSD card slot. But you had to unmount it first to make sure the microSD is safely to be removed: Go to Settings > Storage > Unmount storage card. Then open the bottom cover, slide the microSD out form its slot.

Resetting the HTC One V back to Original Factory Default

I don't want to know what the reason why you wanna do Factory Reset on your HTC One V. You might want to erase personal data, want to solve freeze stop responding touchscreen problem or else. I don't care. We are here to give you how to do it!

Simple go to Settings (can be accessed via Notifications panel) > Storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Tap Erase everything. Those are the simple step; in condition that you can access your HTC One V normally.

The other ways can be performed the Hard Reset by: Press and hold the VOLUME Down > Press and Hold Power key > 3 Android images are shown on the screen; immediately release all the key > Choose Factory Reset with Volume Down > Confirm with Power key > Resetting process would be done soon.

Source: HTC.Com

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