Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21i2/ ST21a2 Hard Reset Open Cover Insert SIM Card microSD

Although we already wrote about the tutorial on how to insert the microSD memory card, how to open back cover, how to insert the SIM card on Sony Xperia tipo, but for this Xperia tipo dual, there is an important tutorial that you must know: Inserting the two (dual) SIM cards to its slot.

Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21i2 ST21a2 two sim card
Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21i2/ST21a2

Yes, the Xperia tipo dual is a version of Sony ST21 but it  supports 2 sim cards at once. That is why the series name of this device is ST21i2 (Global) or ST21a2 (America). The SIM cards are used mini-SIM type. And of course for the display, the OS, the CPU, it still uses 3.2-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, Android ICS v4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich), has 800MHz Cortex-A5 CPU and has 2.9GB internal memory.

Open, Replace Back Cover Case and Remove Battery on Sony Xperia tipo dual

There is a opening cave on the back of your phone (bottom side) in which you can insert the tips of your finger then press it gently and pull it up until the bottom cover removed. You might need to use the tip of your finger to open the cover from side cover until the cover is fully removed.

Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21a2 ST21i2 Open Back Cover Remove Battery
Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21a2 ST21i2 Open Back Cover Remove Battery

You might find that the battery is already assembled on the Sony Xperia tipo dual, you must know how to removed the battery in order to get access to microsd memory card slot and dual sim card slots. Just use your fore finger to remove the battery from the bottom side. There is a opening hole that would assist you to do that.

Attach the cover back to its place can be done by aligning the cover edge to the edge of the phone then press it down until it's attached firmly and tightly (you might hear a weird sound when you push the side cover to the phone's body).

Insert and Remove SIM card 1 & SIM Card 2 to its card holder and card slot Sony Xperia tipo dual

The card holder and card slot for the SIM is located on the top right side of the battery compartment. That why before you able to insert or remove the SIM, you need to open the back cover case and remove the battery from its compartment.

Insert Remove SIM 1 SIM 2 Card Sony Xperia tipo dual
Insert and Remove SIM 1, SIM 2 Sony Xperia tipo dual

Actually there is a card holder that makes the 2 SIM card can be inserted to its card slot. But in the inserting tutorial, you don't have to remove the card holder. Just make sure you both mini-SIM card facing down its gold-contacts than push the first mini-SIM to the bottom slot of the card holder, then after that you can slide and push the second mini-SIM card to it's card holder. Make sure you use mini-SIM not ordinary SIM card or micro-SIM card. Reassure also that the cut-edge of the SIM card is in position on the top left (pictured) for both of the SIMs.

And for removing the SIM card, you need to pull the card holder out before you able to remove the bottom SIM card. Just pull the pin at the card holder to make the card holder out, then slide the card out to remove it. But for the top SIM card (sim card number 2), you just need to slide it out from the card slot.

Insert and Remove microSD memory Card Sony Xperia tipo dual

The location of the memory card slot is provided on the top-right basement of the battery compartment, it just directly under the dual sim card slot / holder. See the picture below to make sure what we acturally mean for.

Insert Remove microSD Memory Card Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
Insert Remove microSD Memory Card Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

Inserting the microSD can be start by making sure the gold-colored contact is facing down. Then with the position as shown on the figure above you can slide the card onto the card slot until it's inserted tightly and firmly. There is a kind of click that make the memory tightly held .

To Remove the SIM card, you need to press down the clip, the you can slide the memory card out from the card slot. Sometime, you might need both of you hand to do that. The fore finger of left hand to press and hold the clip down, tip of your finger of the right hand to slide the card out.

Hard Reset on Sony Xperia tipo dual ST21i2/ ST21a2

Please backup you data before performing Hard / Master Reset on this phone. If you've already done that, simple go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Remember that all your saved settings and data will be removed and the phone back to its default of factory settings and condition.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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