Sony Xperia T LT30p Reset, Insert micro-SIM Memory Card, Charge Battery

May be you are visiting this page due to an inquiry on what the steps that you should do to be able to insert the micro-SIM card and microSD external storage in to Sony Xperia T LT30p. You might also find that this 4.55-inch smartphone is also known as Sony LT30a. There is no difference on the matter of how you can insert the micro SIM and microSD memory for both of them. That is why the tutorials that we wanna give you for this Android phone (runs on ICS Android 4.0) below can be used for LT30a (North America phone) and LT30p (Global phone).

Sony Xperia T LT30 Body Overview
Sony Xperia T LT30 Body Overview

Although there is no need for you to open the back cover of this Xperia T (it doesn't have a battery cover), still to be able to install the memory, you need to open the cover for card slots of this phone). We will guide you to do that. By this, you can also conclude that this phone with 13 Megapixels camera, is a device with non-removable battery.

Open Card Slot Compartmen Cover, Insert micro SIM and microSD Memory Card of Sony Xperia T LT30a/LT30p

From the back side, you can open the cover of the card slot's compartment by using tip of your finger and then pull out the cover from its opening "key door" (shown on picture 1). You can use your nail to do that, but don't use any sharp object.

Open Card Slot Compartment Insert microSD microSIM Sony Xperia T LT30p
Open Card Slot Compartment, Insert microSD and microSIM Card Sony Xperia T LT30p

The microSD memory card slot is placed on the top side of the card compartment, and the bottom one is for the micro SIM card of your mobile provider. Just make sure both of the gold-colored contact of your microSIM and microSD are facing down the push it into the card slot. Remember that you should do it one by one. You can start by inserting the microSD memory card fist then followed with the micro SIM card.

In any case you don't wanna insert the microSD memory, just insert the microSIM Card.

Important: to remove the SIM or memory card, all you need to do just slide it out from its card slot. Then to close the cover of the slot's compartment, just move the card right side until it tight to the edge of the compartment then press it firmly and tightly.

Charge Battery on Sony Xperia T LT30p

There is an important thing you should do before you try to power / turn on your Xperia T for the first time: Charging the phone's battery. Yes, before you get your device, make sure you already charged the Li-ion 1850mAh battery for at least 30 minutes. How to do that? See the picture below.

Sony Xperia T LT30p LT30a Charge Battery Turn Power On
Sony Xperia T LT30p Charge Battery, Power it On

There is a USB cable on the Xperia T package box. Use the cable to connect to the computer for the USB side and connect the microUSB side to the phone charging slot. This way will charge the battery of the phone. This also can be used to connect the PC to computer in which you can make a data transfer between those two device.

But, the first 30 minutes charging for turn-it-on-first-time condition, you better to connect the USB to the adapter then plug the adapter to power source electricity in your home to charge the battery.

Factory Reset on Sony Xperia T LT30p

After you charged the battery for 30 minutes, now you can turn the phone on: Press and hold the power key available on the right side of the phone (front view) then after the phone vibrates, release the key. TWait until the phone is powering on. You might need to enter SIM card PIN, or sometime need to set the google account to get fully access of your Xperia T.

On the Other hand, if you have a unresolved problem regarding with your phone such as in condition your phone too often get freeze or stop responding you can resolve this trouble by doing Hard Reset aka Factory Reset. To do this, follow our instructions: Go to Home Screen > Tap Menu > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > erase everything.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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