HTC Windows Phone 8X Insert SIM Card, Factory Reset, Charge Battery

I believe, in case you still looking for a guidance on how to insert the microSD external memory card on this HTC Windows Phone 8X, this means that you don't know about the specs of this device before you decided to bought it. It's because the HTC WP 8X doesn't have an external storage card slot. The only memory that you can have is the 16GB capacity. And due to the battery is unremovable, there is no tutorial to open the battery cover too.

HTC Windows Phone 8X
HTC Windows Phone 8X

The phone that runs on dual-core 1.5GHz Krait processor is installed with Microsof Windows Phone 8 (that the reason of the name used for this device). The 4.3-inch display uses Super LCD2 capacitive touchscreen with HD resolution at 720 x 1280 without any physical keyboard means that the HTC Accord (previous name of this phone) is designed on touch bar / touch tablet form factor base.

Insert and Remove SIM Card on HTC Windows Phone 8X

On the right side of the phone, there is a slot with the sim card tray (holder). First you need to eject and pull out the card tray from its slot. To do that you can figure out from the image below.

Eject SIM card tray holder Inser micro SIM HTC Windows Phone 8x
Eject SIM card tray (holder), Insert micro SIM Card on HTC Windows Phone 8x

There is a tiny hole on the left side of the card slot. It is the opening hole. To make the card tray pop out, just use a tip of paperclip by inserting it and push it into the hole. You can also use the SIM eject tool to do that (if it included with the package). After the card holder pop out, just pull it out and place the micro-SIM (HTC WP 8x uses micro SIM type) with gold-colored contacts facing down to the card tray. Make sure you align the cut-edge at the same position with the card tray holder.

Push the card tray to the SIM compartment slot until it reach the end. It will lock automatically.

If you wanna remove the SIM and replace with other mobile provider SIM card, just do the same process: eject the card tray, pull it out, take the SIM card off, replace with another one.

Charge Battery and do Factory Data Reset on HTC WP 8X

Performing Factory Reset / Hard Reset on HTC Windows Phone 8X can be dpme bu two alternative ways: Hardware with Keys combinations and via Reset Settings. With the keys or phone buttons, you need to turn on the phone first then: Press & hold Volume Down > Press (don't hold) Power button > Icon appears, immediately release the Volume Down. The do this key combination within   4-5 seconds: Volume Up > Volume Down > Power Button > Volume Down (Just press, and the continue to the next button). That would do Factory data reset on this smartphone.

Volume button Power key Overview Charge Battery HTC Windows Phone 8X
Volume button and Power key Overview Charge Battery HTC Windows Phone 8X

For the location of Power button, Volume button on this 4.3" phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection screen, you can refer to the image that we gave you above.

Another alternative: Start Screen > Slide left > Settings > about > reset your phone > yes > Done.

To charge the 1800 mAh Lithium Ion battery on this 8 Megapixel Camera phone, all you have to do just try to connects four objects: the Phone, USB cable, Adapter, Power Supply. Connect the phone to the USB cable (microUSB side), connect the USB jack to the Adapter, and Plug the Adapter to Power Electricity Supply. Done.

Source: HTC.Com

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