Apple iPad mini Insert Remove Nano SIM Card, Hard Reset

Before we give you an explanation on how you can assembled your mobile provider SIM card on iPad mini (for Wi-Fi + Carrier version), let me elaborate some of the features that you might need to know. First, the SIM card type used on the iPad mini is Nano SIM version. Because this nanoSIM isn't familiar yet, I believe the iPad mini would be provided in bundling mode with the carrier provider.

iPad mini Keys Parts Phone Overview
iPad mini Keys Parts Overview

With the oleophobic coating in the 7.9 inches of the LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, the iPad mini should be good on the usage of reading PDF Manual, ebook or news. Although, there is no additional microSD external card available for this device. That is why we don't give you any tutorial regarding with the microSD card. Still, you can expand the tablet by picking up the 64GB version instead the 32GB or 16GB storage (with more money of course).

Remove Card Tray Holder, Inserting Nano SIM Card on Apple iPad mini

What you must know in order to remove the SIM card tray from its slot is there is a SIM eject tool that you need to use to make it happen. You can also substitude the eject tool with a kind of paper clip.

Eject tray eject tool insert Nano SIM card Apple iPad mini
Eject SIM tray with eject tool, insert Nano SIM card of Apple iPad mini

On the right side of the sim card tray, there is a hole that you can insert the tip of the clip, then push the clip or eject tool until the card tray is unlocked and pops out. Pull out the card tray. Put the nano SIM (from behind, or you can flip the card tray first: see the image) to the card tray with gold-colored contact face down, then push the tray to its card slot until it locked.
Hard / Factory Reset on Apple iPad mini

You can reset all the iPad mini settings to original factory default setting and also you can remove all the save data (including personal data) by visiting Reset setting:

Go to Setting > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.

If you don't want to delete your contents (documents, photos, videos, games, apps, etc), you can choose the Reset all settings.

Source: Apple.Com

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