HTC One X Insert Remove SIM Card Reset Charge Battery

This 4.7 inches phone with Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen by HTC comes on two difference speed processor version. Yup, HTC One X uses 1.5 GHz speed CPU with only dual-core for US region but attached quad-core for global version. The SIM card from your mobile provider must in micro-SIM type version. There is no additional microSD card slot in this Android phone.

HTC One X Black White Case
HTC One X Black White Case

Actually, the internal memory is 32GB; but the only user-available storage is 26GB. So be wise in installing the games or saving the documents. FYI, the battery uses in this One X is non-replaceable type. It uses Lithium-Polimer battery with 1800 mAh capacity. There is no need to know how to open the back cover of this phone cause the SIM card slot isn't inside the cover, moreover the battery is non-removable.

Inserting and Removing micro SIM Card on HTC One X

The card slot and card tray (holder) for the SIM card locate on the back side of the phone. It's near the 8 Megapixel rear facing camera on the left-top side. The thing that you must get the intention on the microSIM Mobile Carrier (support HSDPA, up to 21Mbps) card slot is the tiny opening hole on the right side of the slot. The hone is the key to open the sim card tray.

Open Remove SIM card tray Insert microSIM  Slot HTC One X
Eject SIM card tray, Insert microSIM to its Slot HTC One X

Get the paper clip that you had (can be substitute with similar object, needle for example), then use it to press the tiny hole to eject the card tray.

Pull the card holder out, the with gold-colored contacts facing down,place the microSI card to the tray. Slide and push the card tray to its slot until it's locked. To remove the microSIM card, do the opposite. Eject the card holder with paper click via small key hole, pull card tray out from its slot, remove the sim card.

Factory Reset and Charge the Battery on HTC One X

Here the instructions guidance you can follow to perform Factory or Hard Reset on One X:
Press and hold Volume Down Button (number 4) > Press and hold Power button (number 7) > Screen appears with 3 Android images > Release all the buttons > Select Factory Reset using Volume Down (fix the wrong selection using Volume Up > Confirm it with Power button > Wait until factory reset process is done.

Power Volume buttons Master Reset, Charge Battery, HTC One X
Power and Volume Buttons to do Factory Reset, Charge Battery, HTC One X

You can also do it via Settings Menu. Slide Notification or go to Apps > Search and tap Settings > Storage > Select Factory data reset > Tap Reset phone > Confirm by tapping Erase everything > Done

Charging the phone would be easy. Get the USB cable and the Power adapter, then connect both of them, plug the adapter to power supply then connect the microUSB to the phone. The charging would begin. You can also charge the battery of this Android ICS phone by connecting it to Laptop or Personal Computer (longer in charging time though).

Source: HTC.Com

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