Samsung Galaxy S III (3) GT-I9300 Factory Reset, Open Cover, Insert SIM microSD

If you are a gadget freak, you must be joking if you don't know about this successful smartphone released by Samsung. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 is the best of the best of Samsung's phone at this time: best phone, best salary, best sold, and etc. Might be you are a person who lucky to have this phone, and might be you are a kind of person who need some kind of help to operate this 4.8-inch phone with its Android 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich OS (upgradable to Jelly Bean Android version 4.1)

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Smartphone

There are some basic steps that you must do in order to be able to use this SGS3. For example because this phone has quite wonderful 8 Megapixel camera with ability to record HD 1080p@30fps video, it might that the 32GB (if you had this version of internal memory, another version can be lower for 16GB or higher for 64GB) isn't enough for you to save the recorded video or photos. Therefor an additional external storage is needed. The slot capacity is up to 64GB. Another steps including how you can use the data network provider carrier which need an installation for its card: the SIM card. In which, it uses micro-SIM type.

The tutorial that we wrote below can also be used for US version of SGS3 with its carrier:
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH I747 for AT&T,
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH T999 for T-Mobile,
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 for Verizon Wireless,
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 for Sprint,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530 for Cricket,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530M for Metro PCS,
  • Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-L710 for C Spire.
These also including the CDMA version or LTE variants such as GT-I9305 (N/T), SGH-I747m for Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin, SGH-N064, SHV-E210K/L, GT-I9308, SCH-J021, and more.

Open Back Cover, Replace it Back Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Opening the back cover casing of Galaxy S III procedure is almost like the way you must do on taking off the cover of Galaxy Note II: including the must thing to do to be able to insert sim card and memory card. One important tips: having a strong fingernails seems to be a kind of advantage for opening the cover of this smartphone.

Open Replace Back Cover Casing Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I9300
Open and Replace Back Cover Casing Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I9300

Removing the back cover can be start by inserting your fingernail (fore finger or middle finger) to the opening hole available on the top side of the phone (the SGS3 is facing down). Then pull it out until the cover is open. You can continue by pulling out gently the side of the cover by using your finger nail.

Replace / Close the Back cover: There simple steps you can do to make the cover back to the phone: align the cover with the phone, then press it firmly into it place. You might hear some "clack" that indicates the cover is firmly attached.

Insert SIM / USIM card and install microSD memory Card on Samsung Galaxy S III (SGS3)

To insert the SIM card (in which in this GT I9300 usually uses micro-SIM), you need to open the back cover than by facing down the gold-colored of the face of the sim insert it to the card slot. Remember that the cutting edge of the sim is on the top left before you push it in (see the image). The card slot of the SIM is below the battery (the picture is back / upside down posision with camera on the bottom side)

Insert SIM microSD Memory Card Samsung Galaxy S III SGS3 I9300
Insert SIM and microSD Memory Card Samsung Galaxy S III

Meanwhile, on the right of the SIM card slot (pictured), you'll see a memory card slot. To insert the memory, just make sure the gold contacts is face down then press and move it slowly to the card slot until it's firmly fit in. If your external micro SD is a brand new storage and need to be formatted  all you need to do just go to: Settings > Storage > Format SD card > Format SD card > Erase everything. It's up to 64GB microSD can be handled.

Assemble and Charge Battery Galaxy S3 GT I9300

To assemble the 2100 mAh battery capacity on this SGS3, all you need to do just make sure the battery connector is align with the phone's connector (number 1) then just push the battery to the compartment. If you need to remove the battery there is a kind of cave that you can use your finger to pull the battery out from the compartment.

Assemble and Charge Battery Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I9300
Assemble and Charge Battery Samsung Galaxy S3 SGS3

Charge the battery: Just user the USB cable connector which available along with the package the connect it the USB to the AC adapter, then the Adapter to the Power supply, and the last the microUS v2.0 to the USB connector on the SGS3. Instead of using the adapter, you can also connect the USB cable to PC or Computer while you wanna make file transfer or updating the firmware using Samsung Kies. It also would charge the battery, though it takes longer than using the adapter.

Low  Charging  Fully Charged Battery Indicator Icons SGS3 Samsung Galaxy S III GT I9300
Low > Charging > Fully Charged Battery Indicator Icons of SGS3

The image above is the picture tutorial that indicates about the charging process. You need to immediately charge the phone if the battery is low and need to unplug the charge if the battery is full (100%).

Factory Reset on Galaxy S3 GT I9300

Factory Reset: On the Settings of the GT I9300 menu you can find the Backup and reset option. Then to do Master /Hard / Factory Reset, tap Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything. You might need this action if you find a "non-fixable" problem, such as your SGS3 freezes or has fatal error. You might need this Resetting process if you wanna sell your SGS3 to clear any setting and data and getting back the phone as it like a brand new that just came from the phone shop.

Once Again: Almost all the tutorial for Opening the Cover, Insert the microSD, Charge the phone, Assemble Battery, Insert SIM Provider Carrier of this Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I9300 also can be used on the other version of SGS3 such as for AT&T with SGH-I747, Sprint SPH L710, T-Mobile Carrier SGH-T999, US Cellular Provider SCH R530 and also Verizon Wireless for SGH I535.

Source: Samsung.Com

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