Sony Xperia ion LT28 Remove Top Cover, Insert micro SIM microSD Card, Factory Reset

For Sony Xperia ion, the design of sim card slot in this 4.55 inches phone would be interesting. On this LT28 smartphone (the series number, some others uses LT28i, LT28a, LT28at, LT28h) the battery is non removable type but still you need to know how to open the cover body of this phone in order to be able to insert sim and microsd card.

Sony Xperia ion LT28 Overview
Sony Xperia ion LT28 Overview

Yup, unlike others devices with unreplaceable battery aka non-removable which usually the card slot for both sim and external memory are placed on the sides of the phone, in this Android phone (runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3) are placed inside the phone.

Note: The guidance that we gave you below, can also be applied for other series of Xperia ion, such as Sony Xperia ion LTE LT28I or Sony Xperia ion HSPA LT28H.

Open, Remove and attach Top Cover Sony Xperia ion LT28

To insert the SIM and external memory of this smartphone with 12 Megapixel Camera, you must open the top cover casing of the phone. The image tutorial below would give you a brief explanation how you can do that.

Remove Open Top Cover Sony Xperia ion LT28
Remove Top Cover Sony Xperia ion LT28

Remove the Top Cover: First hold the Xperia ion with both of you hand, then using your two thumbs slide the top cover of the phone off. If you don't know where exactly the top cover, just hold firmly and slide the back cover part above the 12MP camera (pictured).

Replace / Attache the Top Cover Back: To make the cover place it back to the phone, you just need to align the top cover with the top side of the phone then push gently and then followed by slide it downward until it locks properly (you hear a sound that indicated this cover is locked).

Insert and Remove microSD Card Memory of Sony Xperia ion

After you opened the top cover, you'll notice two slot available in there. The right one (pictured) is below to the SIM Card with its holder and the left slot is the memory card slot (it's up to 32GB). The simple steps you must do can be followed through these ways:

Insert Remove microSD External Memory Card Xperia ion lt28
Insert & Remove microSD External Memory Card Xperia ion

Inserting microSD memory card: just push the microSD card to card slot with gold contacts facing down until it's locked. For better view, see the image above (number 1).

Note: The internal built in memory user available for Xperia miro is about 12.9GB. In some case, this size of memory isn't enough, therefore you need an addition storage. It can be solved by using external microSD card slot which can handle up to 32GB.

Removing microSD card: Please make sure you already unmount the memory from the phone by visiting Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card; then turn off the Xperia ion, open the top cover, press briefly the memory to unlock, then draw it outward to remove it.

Insert and Remove microSIM Card of Sony Xperia ion

Inserting SIM Card: Before you able to insert the SIM card of your provider to its slot, remember that the SIM card type for Xperia ion is micro-SIM. That's the reason why there is a micro-SIM card holder in this card slot. Pull the card holder from the slot, Insert the microSIM to the card holder (pictured), then with gold-colored on facing down condition push the SIM card holder to its slot. Done.

Insert Remove Card Holder micro-SIM  Card Sony Xperia ion LT28
Insert and Remove Card Holder, micro-SIM  Card Sony Xperia ion LT28

Remove the micro-SIM Card: Turn off the phone, open the top cover, pull out the card holder for the SIM, take the micro-SIM card out form the holder, then just insert the card holder back to its slot.

Master Reset aka Factory Data Reset on Sony Xperia ion LT28

In case you need a master solution for almost all the problem regarding with the phone's software and its behaviors (such as the phone stop responding, freeze, etc), the Factory data reset would be a good solution for you. It will give the Xperia ion back to original default factory settings.

Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Erase SD card if you wanna delete all your personal saved data and document > Reset phone > Erase everything > Done

Remember that if you do this steps, you'll lose all your data. Make sure you made a back up before performing this action.

Source: SonyMobile.Com


  1. after several trying the phone is not recognizing the micro sim and the message come out that "please insert the sim". What should I do? plz. help me?

    1. i am experiencing the same propblem . have you tried changing the sim?

  2. I want to transfer my download load videos into sd card but its not working ...
    Please help me.

  3. Thank you for posting these instructions; they worked great for me.