Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) GT-S5360 Insert microSD SIM Card Factory Reset Open Cover

Using Y for Young on this Samsung Galaxy GT-S5360 means that the targeted market for this phone is for teenager or at least a boy or a girl. Some of them might a beginner on using the Android Gingerbread OS (installed for this Galaxy Y at version 2.3.5). That's why we write this post in order to give them a simple and fast explanation how to back cover, insert sim card, insert microSD card and also how to do Factory Reset.

Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Black White Colors
Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 Black and White Colors

For your information, the capacity of the microsd card is 32GB maximum and the sim card type used for this Galaxy Y is mini SIM type. Having the external storage for this phone seems like a kind of a must. It's due to the internal stoarge memory for this phone only has 180MB. It's also has 290MB RMA with 830Mhz processor speed.

Open Back Cover Casing on Samsung Galaxy Young (Y) GT S5360

There is a tiny hole in the bottom of the back cover of the Galaxy Y that you can use your finger (or fingernails) to open (see the image). After the back cover in the bottom side is opened, then you can simple open by using your fingernail the sides of the back cover in which it would make cover fully removed.

Open Back Cover Close Replace Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT S5360
Open Back Cover Close Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

To replace the back cover back, just align the cover to the back body of GT-S5360 then press gently the back cover until it locked properly.

Insert SIM Card Install microSD Samsung Galaxy Young (Y) GT S5360

Inserting the mini-SIM Card: Take the back cover off just like we tutor you above, then you'll see the card slot is available in there. Just face down the gold colored contacts with the cut-corner edge on the top right, then move and push the sim card to its slot. Remember sometime you need to remove the battery before you able to insert the sim card, though by factory default, the battery isn't inserted yet.
Insert mini SIM Card, Install microSD Memory Card Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT S5360
Insert mini SIM Card, Install microSD Memory Card Samsung Galaxy Y

Inserting microSD memory: To insert the microSD card, make sure the gold side is facing down then just push the memory card until it lockde properly. Remember you need to open the back cover to do that, but it can be done with the battery is installed in.

Remove microSD card: Push the card gently until card is unlocked then pull it out until it's removed from its card slot. Note: Don't forget to unmount the SD card to make it save before removing it. From Setting go to SD card and phone storage, then Unmount SD card, and do the rest.

Factory Data Reset on Samsung Galaxy Young (Y) GT-S5360

If the touchscreen of your Galaxy Young respond slowly, all you need to do just clear any suspicious applications that indicated to be the cause of the phone's works slower. Removing it would be the best. You can also do a restarting action to do that.

But in case the phone frequently freezes and has fatal errors problem, please back up your saved data, document, photos, videos, musics, then do factory reset / hard reset:

Go to Menu or Applications list > Select Settings > Tap Privacy > Tap Factory data reset > Select Reset Phone > Erase everything.

Additional Tutorial: Assemble Battery & Attach a hand strap

Assemble Battery Attach Hand Strap Samsung Galaxy Young Y GT S5360
Assemble Battery, Attach Hand Strap Samsung Galaxy Young GT S5360

Remove the back cover casing of the phone, the from the top side you can assemble the 1200 mAh battery on its compartment. If you wanna use a hand strap, just slide the hand strap  thru the slot and hook or tie it.

Source: Samsung.Com

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