HTC Desire X Hard Reset, Insert SIM, Storage, Open Back Cover

One most interesting stuff on this HTC Desire X is the touch bar form factor design. It's use 4-inch Super LCD capacitive touchscreen with WVGA resolution. The design looks fabulous with rounded corner and baldy side-edge.

HTC Desire X
HTC Desire X

But we are here not to talk about the "looks and style" of this phone with Android 4.0.4 phone and dual-core 1GHz CPU. We are here to give you a short explanation how you can open the back cover of this phone in order to do the followed action such as assemble batter, insert sim card, insert microsd card and remove it all. Let's start with Open Cover and SIM tutorial.

Open Back Cover of HTC Desire X

The phone that only has 4GB internal storage may need an additional expansion memory. You can use up to 32GB microSD card to do this. For the SIM Card type, the Desire X still uses Normal SIM. How to insert the SIM and external microSD Cards? The following tutorial would help you to do that:

Take the Cover Off and Replace it Back on HTC Desire X
Take the Cover Off and Replace it Back on HTC Desire X

Open Back Cover: Hold with your left hand and face the Desire X down. There is a small hole in the back cover that you can open with your finger (see the image), Pull out gently until the cover are "out" of the body of the phone. Because you'll definitely need to reattach the cover back to its position, do the replacing steps from the bottom side (pictured), then press the sides until its lock to its place.

Insert SIM and microSD card on HTC Desire X

Insert SIM: After take the back cover off, you can insert to its card slot (on the right side under rear facing camera). and push it until it's firmly in. Make sure the cutting edge are facing out and the gold-colored side facing down.

Insert SIM, Insert dan Remove microSD Storage Desire X
Insert SIM, Insert dan Remove microSD Storage Desire X

Insert microSD: The microSD card slot is availabe on the right side of the phone, just insert the gold-colored card of the memory facing down and press it to its slot. If you hear "click, that means the card is locked properly on its place. If you memory card is new, you need to format it before you able to use it.

Remove microSD: For safety usage, if you want to remove the microSD memory, please make sure you already unmount it: Go to Settng > Storage > Unmount storage card. The power off the phone, open the back cover, push the card from it slot until it out. Done

Assemble Battery on HTC Desire X

Along with the battery, the Desire X has 114 grams weight, it's Lithium iom battery with 1650 mAh capacity. The battery is removable and rechargeable. That why you need to know how to charge and remove / assemble battery on the HTC Desire X. Because the talk time is only about 10 hours (in 3G HSDPA), and 20 hours (GSM), you need to recharge the battery almost daily. Sometime if the battery leak-out, you have to replace it either.

Remove and Assemble Li-ion Battery HTC Desire X
Remove and Assemble Li-ion Battery HTC Desire X

Remove and Assemble Li-ion Battery: First Get the back cover off and you'll see a battery inside its compartment. All you had to do just using your finger or thumb to lift the batter out from its. That would remove the battery. On the other hand, place the battery to its compartment just need to inserted with the copper facing exposed (see the image) then firmly push it down to its compartment. Done

Charge Battery and Perform Hard / Factory Reset on HTC Desire X

Charging the battery / device: Connect the USB cable to the phone microUSB slot, then just plug the other end of the USB cable to power adapter. From power adapter just connect to the power electrical supplay. Done.

Charge Battery Volume Power Button Reset  HTC Desire X
Charge Battery, Volume & Power Button for Reset of HTC Desire X

Factory Data Reset / Hard Reset Tutorial: Take the back cover off, remove the battery for about 6 seconds, assemble it again. Replace the back cover on. When the phone in offline mode, to do factory reset use this keys and buttons combinations:

Press and Hold Volume Down and Power buttons (Volume down first, Power button the later) > Screen appears after few seconds with Android Image > Release all the buttons > Choose FACTORY REST with Volume down > Confirm with Power button > The resetting prosses will start > Wait till it's done.

On the other way, you can do Hard reset by visiting Settings > Storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > tap Erase everything.

Rebooting / Restarting: The Desire X is On, Press Power button, the tap Restart; The Desire X is Frozen (Stop responding), Press Power button for about 10-12 seconds, the phone would restart automatically.

Source: HTC.Com

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