Sony Xperia tipo ST21 Factory Reset Open Cover Remove Battery Insert Memory SIM Card

I believe having this Sony Xperia tipo (known also as Xperia tapioka), sooner or later, you'll notice that the storage memory on the internal device isn't enough to store your document and files: only 2.5GB user available. And you have a high pressure on getting an extra one. Fortunately, the Xperia ST21a / ST21i (series name of tipo) has microSD external card. Therefore you don't have to worry about the storage on this 3.2 inches touch bar phone.

Sony Xperia tipo ST21 Overview
Sony Xperia tipo ST21 Overview

Of course before you able to add additional storage, you must know how to insert the external storage to its card slot. Don't worry, we are here to give you a guidance to do that. Furthermore, we gave you also how to do it properly with some other tutorial, including how to open the back cover, how to insert the SIM card and even how to do factory reset on this Android phone (uses Ice Cream Sandwich for version 4.0.4 OS).

Open Back Cover Case, Replace it back and Remove Battery Sony Xperia tipo ST21

The back cover casing of Sony Xperia tipo varies depend on the casing colors of the device. It can be black, classic white, navy blue or deep red. The clue to be able to remove the cover of the phone is the opening hole locates on the bottom side of the phone.

Open Cover Case Attach Back Remove Battery Sony Xperia tipo ST21
Open Back Cover Case Attach it Back, Remove Battery for Sony Xperia tipo ST21

To open the cover just use your fingers (thumb: you can use the nail for help) on the opening hole, then firmly push it up until the cover is lifted (you might hear "clack" sound at here). If needed, you can follow the side cover to loose it up. See the image to make sure what we talking about.

If you want to remove the battery, then all you need to do just use your tip-finger to the opening cave of the battery compartment, then gently lift the battery up until it's removed.

To replace the cover back to its place, just align the battery with the top side of the phone and make sure the lens hole is fit with the camera lens then press the cover down. Make sure the side-edges are attached tightly.

Insert Remove SIM Card of Sony Xperia tipo ST21

In order to be able to insert the SIM card of your mobile carrier (ST21i or ST21a depend on your region), you must open the cover of the Xperia tipo then remove the battery (we already gave you the tutorial to do that at above).

Sony Xperia tipo ST21 Insert Remove SIM Card
Sony Xperia tipo ST21: Insert SIM in, Remove SIM Card Out

Remember to user the appropriate SIM card type on this Xperia tipo. If it's mini-SIM than use the mini SIM, if it micro SIM, use micro SIM, soon. The SIM card slot of the tipo is available on the right side of the rear camera, but it only be able to be inserted from the battery top compartment side. Make sure the gold-colored contacts facing down then slide it slowly and gently to the card slot. Remember to stand the SIM card cut-edge just like the picture that we gave you above.

To remove the SIM card, you can use you tips of your finger to press then slide it out. Sometime it quite hard to do that which might you need to try it again  two or three time. Having a dry finger would be the best to do slide and make the SIM card is removed.

Insert and Remove Memory Card of Sony Xperia tipo ST21

Just below the SIM  card slot, there is a memory card holder available in there. It is locate on the top right base floor of the battery compartment (pictured). Inserting the memory card can be done by these ways: facing down the gold-contacts of the microSD card, then slide the card into its slot with position like we pictured above and it's locked. It's absolutely an easy way.

Insert microSD Card and Remove Sony Xperia tipo ST21
Inserting microSD Card and Removing it for Sony Xperia tipo ST21

On the contrary, removing the memory sd card is a bit different. You may face that it quite difficult. Using your tip-finger, press down the plastic clip that locked the microSD card, then using your other hand, slide the memory card out from the slot. It would be good if you use your fingernail. Whether it your fore finger or thumb or middle finger, just use the best which is easy to handle it.

Factory Data Reset, Power On, and Charge Battery of Sony Xperia tipo ST21a/ST21i

If you don't have any important problem regarding with you phone, don't ever do this Factory / Hard Reset option. It because all your personal settings and information would be deleted without any undo capability. Use this option if you wanna sell your phone again, wanna give it as a gift to somebody, or wanna make it likes the first time you have it from phone market.

To do Factory Reset / Master Reset on Sony Xperia tipo, you can follow there instructions: Go to Applications > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything > Wait few minutes > Done.

Power Sony Xperia tipo On Charge Battery ST21i ST21a
Power Sony XPeria tipo On, Charge Battery

The Power button which can be used also as sleep / lock key on this Xperia tipo ST21 is available on the top side of the phone. It has a power icon and key icon (pictured). To turn on the phone, all you need to do just press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates. You might need to unlock the screen or enter you Google ID and its pasword before you able to use it for the first time. It because this 800MHz Cortex A5 phone need a google account to access Android Market or other Google Applications. When you capture a video or photo from 3MP camera of this tipo, you can upload to Google drive if you have a google account login on this tipo.

There two ways you can charge the battery of the phone. By using power supply from home electricity directly from its main line, and also can be done by using personal computer or laptop. You need an adapter to be connected to the USB cable to phone and plugged to power supply or you connect the USB connector to the Laptop directly. That would charge the phone.

Charging Indicator: Green means than battery is fully charged, red means battery is critically low and Orange battery is in charging mode or a level between low and full.

Source: SonyMobile.Com

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