Sony Xperia miro ST23 Hard Reset, Charge Battery Power On

After giving you a tutorial on basic steps how you can open back cover and insert sim card of Sony Xperia miro, now there are another basic tutorial that you should know (if you are a newbie): Performing factory data reset, charge the phone's battery, and power the phone on for the first time.

Sony Xperia miro ST23
Sony Xperia miro ST23

For introduction, the battery of Xperia miro uses standard battery with 1500mAh capacity. It's claimed can stand for up to 6 hours talk time on 3G data connection. Charging the battery in a proper way would guarantee that the talk time wouldn't reduced under 6 hours. So, take a good attention on how you can charge the battery of this miro.

Charge Battery of Xperia miro ST23 by Using USB Cable to a Power Source

Charge Battery using USB cable on Sony Xperia miro ST23

At the picture that we show above there is only one USB cable which has a double function on the way it will charge the battery of Sony Xperia miro. First, it can be connected directly to USB slot on Personal Computer such as Laptop or Notebook, in which it can be used also as data connection (transfer file, updating software etc), and the second one is by connecting the USB cable to adapter-charger. Then the charger plugged in to Power source.

Battery Charging Indicator Xperia miro

The battery if it charging from the low level and use charger would be about 1-1.5 hours to be fully charged. There are three kind of indicators:

  1. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged, 
  2. Red means the battery is low and need to be charged immediately, and 
  3. Orange means the battery is charging.

Power the Sony Xperia miro ST23 on

Sony Xperia miro can be power on by using physical power button which is placed on the top left side of the phone. There is a power key / lock key carved on the button.
Press Power button using your finger nail (Position)

To power on the phone, just press and hold the power button for about 2-5 seconds until the phone vibrates. Wait till it started on. If the screen goes dark, press again the power keys briefly to make the screen appears.

Factory Data Reset / Hard Reset on Sony Xperia miro ST23a / ST23i

Actually there is a combination hardware key on performing Factory data reset on this XPeria miro, but due to its would be "dangerous" for anyone to know this steps (like how about your phone suddenly reset by your girlfriend or colleague even they don't need to open your miro that been set to be locked?), it is better that if you wanna do this reset by keys combination, you must go to official sony service center to do that (aka you shouldn't know about this).

But if you wanna do Hard Reset, still you can access this feature by visiting Home screen > Apps > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Source: SonyMobile.Com


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